Here is a list of our used equipment.

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TypeMakeModelPriceHPFeaturesStockHoursStoreSpec SheetPicture
TractorCase IHFarmall 140A$58,900140MFD, Cab, 16x78 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 98" Bar Axle, 18.4x38, WT Carrier013093164SP013093
TractorCaseIH7130$49900 as is MFD, 4 speed reverser, 7 front weights, 18 spd powershift, front fenders, 3 remotes, drawbar, response seat, snap on duals on rearG809976666GBG80997
TractorCaseIHFarmall 125A$55,900125MFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 18.4x38, WT Frame013086157Wau013086
TractorCaseIHMagnum 250CVT$199,900 MFD, CVT, deluxe cab, 5 remotes, guidance ready, suspended axle, 480/80R50, dualsE80720485DaleE80720
TractorCaseIHMagnum 290$189,90029023F transmission, luxury cab, cab suspension, single beacon, buddy seat, positive response seat, ISO implement system, guidance ready, engine/transome htr, true ground speed sensor, Cat IV HD drawbar, Cat IV HD hitch 43" links, power beyond, 540/1000 PTOE807451200SPE80745
TractorCaseIHFarmall 95C$54,90095Deluxe Cab, Radio, Rear Wiper, Air Susp Seat, 12x12 Power Shuttle, 40KPH Transmission, 16.9 GPM Implement Pump, 2 Rear Remotes, Mid Mount Valve & Joystick, 540/1000 PTO, 4WD with Limited Slip, Non-Self Leveling Loader with 84" Bucket, 4 Rear Wheel WeightsW80315140WauW80315
TractorCaseIHFarmall 110A$46,900110MFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 18.4x38013083158SP013083
TractorCaseIHMagnum 7110$39900 as is 16.9x28 Fronts 90%, 20.8x38 Rears 90%, Clamp On Duals 30%, MFD, Set of Front Weights, 4 Remote Valves, 18 Speed Power Shift, Sold as isS811047000SeyS81104
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260$169,900 Tier IV A, Engine block heater, 19F speed powershift, standard front axle, rear 4" axle, 480/80R50 rear duals, front tires 420/85R34, 540/1000 PTO, No front hitch, No front PTO, 4 rear remotes, luxury positive response seat, luxury cab, leather buddy seatG80967610GBG80967
TractorCaseIHFarmall 85C$49,90085MFD, cab, L630 ldr, 24x24 hi-lo power shuttle, 540/1000 PTO, wheel weights, warrantyE0070750DaleE00707
TractorCaseIHMaxxum 140$78,900140MFD, Cab, 16x16 Semi Powershift Transmission, Deluxe Air Seat, Cold Weather Package, 3 Remotes, Power Beyond, PFC Pump, 540/1000 PTO, Instructors Seat, Front Weight Frame013191152SP013191
TractorCaseIHFarmall 110A$44,9001102WD, Cab, 16x8 Transmission, Power Shuttle, Air Seat, Weight Frame013081162Dale013081
TractorCaseIHMaxxum 125$76,900125MFD, Suspended Deluxe Cab, 16x16 Semi Powershift Transmission, 4 Remotes, 540/1000 PTO, Front Weights, Wheel Weights, Instructor Seat, Mid Mount Valve, Joystick013356140FDL013356
TractorCaseIHMX305$129,900305MFD, Luxury CAB, 3pt, Air, DSL, Duals, Powersteer, 1000 PTO, Dual Beacon Lights, Front Diff Lock, 4 Remotes, Wide Rear Fenders, Instructor Seat, Front Fenders, Auto Temp, Foot ThrottleF822052700FDLF82205
TractorCaseIHFarmall 75C$42,90075Cab, air suspension seat, NO CREEPER, 12x12 power shuttle transmission, 30 KPH transmission, 540 PTO, Joystick loader control handle, with Case IH L560 loader with 84" bucket, 4wd, No front fenders, radio, and customer installed buddy seatW80308308WauW80308
TractorCaseIHFarmall 125A$49,9001252WD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 18.4x38, Front Weight Frame013091152Sey013091
TractorCaseIHFarmall 105C$54,900 MFD, Cab, L630 non self level loader, 12x12 power shuttle, wheel wts, 18.4R34/14.9R24, 540/1000 PTO, air susp seat, deluxe cabE80713140SPE80713
TractorCaseIHSteiger 500$219,900 MFD, Hammer Strap, Power Steering, 4 remotes, auto guidance ready, 110lbs per hp ballast package, power beyond.E807272260SPE80727
TractorCaseIHMagnum 225CVT$109,900225CVT Transmission, 3pt hitch, 540/1000PTO, high capacity hydraulic pump, power beyond, 4 remotes, deluxe cab with buddy seat, high capacity drawbar, dual beacons, worklights, 18 front weights, 4- 500 lb rear wheel weightsE807422450SPE80742
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260$149,900260MFD, Creeper Transmission, Deluxe CAB, DSL, 3pt, Air, Duals, Powersteer, 540/1000 PTO, Hi-Cap Pump, 5 Remotes, Power Beyond, HD DrawbarE806511495DaleE80651
TractorCaseIHMagnum 315$199,900315Luxury CAB, MFD, DSL, Duals, PTO, 19 Speed Powershift, HD Suspended Front Axle, MFD Front Narrow Fenders, Guidance Ready, Power Beyond Motor Return, 5 RemotesS80956750SPS80956
TractorCaseIHMagnum 305$139,900305Deluxe CAB, Duals, MFD, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, 4 RemotesE806562168SPE80656
TractorCaseIHPuma 225 CVT$124,900225HD Suspended MFD Front Axle, Deluxe CAB with Electric Adjust Mirrors, 112" Bar Axle, Deluxe Air Suspension Seat, Guidance Ready, Front Fenders 19", LH Instructor Seat, Front PTO, 3ptG809631905FDLG80963
TractorCaseIHMagnum 235$129,900235Deluxe CAB, MFD, Duals, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, HD Front Axle, 5 Remotes, Hi-Cap Pump, Block Heater, CreeperE806602342SPE80660
TractorCaseIHSteiger450-4$219,900450Bareback, Wt Package, 710/70R42, Duals, 16F 2R full powershift, Cab and rear lights, 4 hydraulic remotes, front and rear weights012903445Sey012903
TractorCaseIHMX270$59,900235MFD, CAB, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, 1000 PTO, 16 Front Weights, 3 Remotes, Auto Temp, Quick HitchF821786921FDLF82178
TractorCaseIHSteiger 450-4$224,900450Bareback, Ballest Package, 4WD, Luxury cab, 18F 2R full powershift, 4 hydraulic remotes, mounting bracket, Front, rear, and rear wheel weight packageE00584370DaleE00584
TractorCaseIHSteiger 500Q$359,900500PTO, 30" Quad Trak, Front and Rear HID Lights, Dual Beacons, Cold Weather Kit, True Ground Speed Sensor, High Cap Drawbar, High Cap Pump, 6 Remotes, Power Beyond, Front Bumper Weight812963330SP812963
TractorCaseIHFarmall 140A$54,900140Front Fenders, Outside Mirrors, Rear 3 Point, Radio, Heat, A/C, Block Heater,E80753563SPE80753
TractorCaseIHMagnum 315$150,000315Suspended Luxury Cab, Leather Buddy Seat, HD Suspended Front Axle, Narrow Front Fenders, Radio, Hid Lighting Package, Dual Beacons, 18 Front WeightsC008322100SeyC00832
TractorCaseIHFarmall 95C$49,900 MFD, Loader, Deluxe Cab, Air Seat, 12x12 Power Shuttle, 2 Remotes, Mechanical Self Level, 40 KPH Max Ground Speed013284156GB013284
TractorCaseIHMagnum 340$189,900340MFD, Luxury CAB, 4 Electric Remote, Std Hydraulic Pump, Performance Response Seat, Engine Block Heater, Transmission Heater, Factory Guidance Ready, CAB Suspension, Leather Instructor Seat, AM/FM/WB CD Stereo RadioG809791060GBG80979
TractorCaseIHSteiger 335$99,500335Cold weather pack, 16f/2r powershift, 520/85R46 R1W 40%, front and rear diff locks, radar, ISO imp system, 1000RPM PTO, std hyd pump, 4 remotes, high capacity drawbar, am/fm radio, manu adj mirrors, performance inst cluster, luxury cab, guidance readyS810886175SeyS81088
TractorCaseIHMX270$62,900270MFD, CAB, Front Tire Wide Fenders, 4 Remotes, 14 Front WeightsG809857564GBG80985
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260$159,900290MFD, Luxury CAB, Powershift with Creeper, 5 Remotes, 18 Front Weights, Luxury Positive Response Seat, Booster Seat, GPS ReadyE807001645SPE80700
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260$139,900260MFD, Luxury CAB, Powershift with Creeper, 5 Remotes, 18 Front Weights, Luxury Positive Response Seat, Booster Seat, GPS ReadyE806992185WauE80699
TractorCaseIHMagnum 315$229,900 MFD, Susp axle, 19 speed powershift, luxury cab, guidance ready, 480/80R50, duals, weights. 540/1000 PTOS81048275SeyS81048
TractorCaseIHMagnum 210$149,900210Special Stars and stripes graphics, suspended front axle, dualsG809591000SeyG80959
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260$139,900260MFD, Deluxe CAB, 5 Remotes, Hi-Flow, Power Beyond, Creeper, RadarE807291250SPE80729
TractorCaseIHSteiger 350$199,9003504WD, luxury cab, heat/ac, radio, powershift transmission, 1000 big PTO, Goodyear 520/85R46 all the way around, Standard hyrdaulic pump, drawbar, hydraulic trailer brake, factory guidance ready, monitor bracket, GPS antenna ready, cold weather package,W80313375WauW80313
TractorCaseIHMagnum 235$129,900235MFD, Deluxe CAB, 5 Remotes, Hi-Flow, Power Beyond, Creeper, Radar, 380/90R46E807281455SPE80728
TractorCaseIHSteiger 435Q$199,900435Quadtrak, Deluxe CAB, Decelerator Pedal, Elex Diff Locks, Updated Polu Bogey Wheel Hub CapsE807181880FDLE80718
TractorCaseIHMagnum 370CVT$229,900370CVT, Susp Front Axle, Guidance, DualsF00704460SeyF00704
TractorCaseIHFarmall 140A$48,9001402WD, Rops, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Left & Right Hand Steps, 18.4x38, Wheel Weights, Weight Frame013433159Sey013433
TractorCaseIHPuma 200 CVT$119,900200MFD, Suspended CAB, Front Axle Suspension, Climate Control, Positive Response Seat, Roof Window, Monitor Bracket, Power Beyond, Electric Mirrors, 112 In Bar Axle, Wide Rear Fenders, 540/1000 PTO, 3 Remotes8129041785Sey812904
TractorCaseIHMagnum 235$124,9002355 remotes, quick hitch, power beyond, zero return, front weight bracket, beacons, grill guard, L790 pro loader, bucket with BOE, powershiftF823092026FDLF82309
TractorCaseIHMX285$74,900285AM/FM, monitor bracket, toolbox, rear wiper, wide marker lights, quick hitch, beacon, 4 remotes, 10 front weightsS810927462SeyS81092
TractorCaseIHPuma 160CVT$119,900160MFD, Suspended Cab, Auto Guidance Ready, 3 Remotes, Beacon, High Capacity Pump, Power Beyond, 540/1000 PTO, 112" Bar Axle, 18.4R42, Front Weights, Instructors Seat013232175Sey013232
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260$164,90026023F transmission, luxury cab, cab suspension, single beacon, buddy seat, positive response seat, ISO implement system, guidance ready, engine/transome htr, true ground speed sensor, Cat III HD drawbar, Cat III HD hitch 43" links, Power beyondE807431200SPE80743
TractorCaseIHMagnum 215$122,000215MFD, Deluxe CAB, 3 PTO, Small Weight Frame, 3 Remotes, Duals, Std Drawbar, Quick Hitch Front Fenders, wide Marker Lights, Radio, Tier 3 EngineS810241420GBS81024
TractorCaseIHPuma 210$95,000180MFD, CAB, 1000 PTO, 4 hydraulic remotes, rear duals, 18F 6R Full powershiftS810053900SeyS81005
TractorCaseIHMagnum 290$164,900290MFD, Luxury CAB, Auto Guidance Ready, Standard Front Axle, Hydraulic Motor Return, Front Weight BracketF82255700FDLF82255
TractorCaseIHFarmall 125A$55,900125MFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, Weight Frame, 18.4x38013092152FDL013092
TractorCaseIHFarmall 125A$56,900125MFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, Loader Ready, 18.4x38, Wheel Weights013415163Dale013415
TractorCaseIHMaxxum 140$75,900140MFD, Cab, Bar Axle, 16x16, Semi Power Shift, Air Seat, 540/1000 PTO, Front Weights, 3 Remotes, Cold Weather Package, 18.4R38R1W013178152GB013178
TractorCaseIHFarmall 115C$52,900 MFD, Cab, 12x12 Power Shuttle, Joystick, 540/1000 PTO013279150Dale013279
TractorCatMT765B$74,900 3pt, 1000 PTO, 4 remotes, ISO ready, Engine and unit are cleanE8073310000WauE80733
TractorCatMT865B$119,900525Track Machine, 32 Front Weights, Work light Package, Bare Back, 5 RemotesG809955894GBG80995
TractorKubotaM8560HD$37,90085Foldable ROPS, 8x8 hydraulic shuttle, 18.4R40 rear tires, and 12.4R25 front tires, LA1353A front loader with grille guard, 84" Bucket, Top roof top canopyF823061100FDLF82306
TractorKubotaL3800HST$19,90037MFD, ROPS, Hydrostatic Transmission, 1 Rear Remote, Industrial Tires with Rim Guard, Loader with 66" Bucket, Tractor is like newEE0988106SPEE0988
TractorKubotaM7040HDC$39,900714WD, Cab, Heat, A/C, Radio, R4 Tires with Rim Guard, Rear Wheel Weights, 2 Rear Remotes, Base Warranty until 12/31/15 or 2000 hours, Powertrain Warranty unitl 12/31/16 or 3000 hours81296250Dale812962
TractorKubotaM135GXDTC$67,900135MFD, Cab, Semi Powershift, Loader, Skid Steer CouplerK8081150FDLK80811
TractorKubotaM8200DT$29,90082MFD, Rops, canopy, mechanical shuttle transmission, LA1251 loader with 84" quick attach bucket,EG0292331SPEG0292
TractorKubotaM126GXDTC$67,900126MFD, Cab, Loader with 96" Bucket, Semi Powershift, loaded with options, shockless rideK80728390SPK80728
TractorKubotaM135GXDTC$59,900 MFD, Cab, 540/1000 PTO, 8 Speed Dual Range Powershift, Auto 24x24 Shuttle, Front and Rear Dif Lock, 18.4R38 Cast, Instructors Seat, Front FendersK80772114GBK80772
TractorKubotaM7060HDC-12$42,90070Cab, Rim Guard, 2 Remotes, Monitor Mounting Bracket, RadioSE225460SeySE2254
CompactCaseIHFarmall 45$21,90045R4 Tires, Rears Filled with Rim Guard, L350 Loader with Quick Attach Bucket, Grille Guard, Excellent ConditionE80754210SPE80754
CompactCaseIHFarmall 30B$21,90030MFD, Rops, Hydro, 66" Mid Deck w/ Loader013149150Dale013149
CompactKubotaBX2350$17,900 MFD, Curtis, Deluxe Cab, Hydro, BX2750C Snowblower, BX2537A Broom, LA243 LoaderC00831101SPC00831
CompactKubotaL3200HST$18,50032Ag tires, LA525 loader with quick attach bucket, excellent condition, powertrain warranty until 10/22/15EE0987135SPEE0987
CompactKubotaL3560GST$26,90035MFD, Rops, LA805 loader, 1 remote, rear tires filled, unit is like brand newSE225324SeySE2253
CompactKubotaBX2200D$8,900224WD, Front Loader, 60" Mid Mount Deck, Turf TiresFG1052925FDLFG1052
CompactKubotaL6060HST$32,90060Hydro Trans, turf tires, rim guard, 72" universal quick tach bucketS81079125DaleS81079
CompactMassey Ferguson231S$10,900452WD, Ag Tires, Gear Shift with 8 forward and 2 reverse, Foldable ROPS, Power Assist Steering, 540 PTOF82317349FDLF82317
CutterInternational $495 72" Rotary Cutter, 540 PTOFE2675 FDLFE2675
LawnAriensEZR1542$1,295 14HP 42" zeroturn851082 Dale851082
LawnAriensZoom 2250$1,495 as is22Briggs and Stratton Motor, 22 Hp Engine 50", Cutting Deck X-Turn MowerEG0302 SPEG0302
LawnJohn DeereX754$9,900244WD, Power Steering, Yanamar Diesel, John Deere MC 519 51" Power Bagger, Belt Drive off Deck, 51" Broom, Poly BristlesSG0126376SeySG0126
LawnJohn Deere25A$1,995 82" Flail Mower, Hammers in Decent Condition, Needs BearingsEE0990 SPEE0990
LawnKubotaF2560$9,900254WD, 72" Side Discharge Deck, ROPSSG01271432SeySG0127
LawnKubotaZG222-48$4,4952222hp gas, zero turn, 48" fabricated deck851090300Dale851090
LawnKubotaZD326P-60$7,9002660" Zero Turn, DSL851080455FDL851080
LawnKubotaZG127E-54$4,9002754" Zero Turn85108190Dale851081
LawnKubtoaGR2000$2,995 as is RCK48GR Mower DeckEG0300326SPEG0300
LawnLandprideZXT60$4,9952460" Zero Turn, Suspended Seat850998155Wau850998
LawnNew HollandMC28$9,900 as is284WD, 3 Cyl Diesel Engine, 72" Mower Deck, 60" Broom, Hydraulic Angling, 48" Snow Blower with Hydraulic Chute Rotate and Electric Deflector.GL05461974GBGL0546
LawnSimplicityPrestige$3,995252WD, 50" Mower Deck, 42" Two Stage Snowblower, Original Tractor CAB, Rear Suitcase Weights, Tire ChainsEG0283860SPEG0283
LawnToroZ Master$3,995 as is25Toro Commercial Z Master Mower, 60" Cutting Deck, 25 hp Kawasaki EngineEG0303912SPEG0303
OtherCaseIHBS174R$3,295 74" 3pt071724 Dale071724
OtherCaseIHTLX152$1,795 52" 3pt Tiller071730 Dale071730
OtherCaseIHTLX152$1,950 52" 3pt Tiller071731 SP071731
OtherJacobsen TextronHR-5111$10900 as is49Wide Area Mower, 4WD, Hydro Transmission, 11' Cutting Width, 66" Front Deck, 2-44" Side Mounted Wings, Kubota V2203 Engine, 49hp 4 Cylinder EngineEG03014507SPEG0301
OtherLandprideRTA1266$2,395 Forward Turn Tiller with Slip-Clutch Driveline, Orange ColorWG0086 WauWG0086
OtherLMC7310$3,295 Manual Rotation and Chute, 84" Two Stage SnowblowerGE170310GBGE1703
OtherWestfieldMK100X71G$8,900 Adjustable swing auger, hand crank winch, hydraulic height, 10" auger, 71ft, 540 PTO, jack standF42919 FDLF42919
OtherWestfieldWR80-71SD$4,995 540 PTO, 90 degree gearbox, removable swivel tongue, hand crank with 8" auger, 71ftF42862 FDLF42862
UtilityCub CadetVolunteer$8,900 1093 hours unit has soft cab, roof, 4 wheel drive, plastic windshield, diesel.F823001093FDLF82300
UtilityKawasaki3010$7,295 Kawasaki 3010 mule, 4WD, with sims cab, stobe light, front mounted straight blade with electric controls & electric dump box8510982881Dale851098
UtilityKubotaRTV900R$5,90021Camo, Windshield, Canopy, Manual Dump, As IsFG10292400GBFG1029
UtilityKubotaRTV1100$9,900 as is Cab with heat, A/C, AM/FM radio, front and rear work lights, rear screen guard, heavy duty tires, power steering, hydraulic dump box, front and rear receiver hitch851100960Dale851100
AttachmentCTI40$995 4000lb Forks to weld on bucketF42900 DaleF42900
Attachment SkidCaseRubber Tracks$595 Tracks for a 95XT863519 Dale863519
AttachmentsBradco625$3,495 48"x6" trencher TEOS903012 Dale903012
CompactionVibromax265$21,900 47.2" Double Drum Asphalt Roller, 6000 lb op wt901590250Dale901590
ExcavatorCaseCX36B$42,900 Cab, Thumb11460450GB114604
ExcavatorCaseCX36B$37,900 18" Bucket, Front Blade, ROPs, Open Cab114536175GB114536
ExcavatorKubotaU35R1AS2$34,900 Rops, Wrty, Auxiliary hydraulics, 18" bucketK80860225SPK80860
ExcavatorKubotaKX0574R3A$62,900 Cab, Air, Rubber Tracks, Angle Blade, 24" Bucket, QC, Thumb, 13,210 lbsK80980115WauK80980
ExcavatorKubotaKX0804R3A$84,900 Cab, Air, Rubber Tracks, Angle blade, 36" Bucket, QC, Thumb, 20177 lbsK80975150DaleK80975
ExcavatorKubotaU35$32,900 Cab, mini excavator822571270Dale822571
ForkliftBobcatV723$34,900asis99Power Steering, heat, ac, radio, new rear wiper, reverse lights, crab steering option, one weld in the boo, new Hydrostatic clutch, new turbo in July 2014, rear hitch, beaconWU01214906DaleWU0121
ForkliftCase586G$24,900 Rough Terrain Fork Lift, 2WD, 6000lb Mast, 15' Mast, Rops UnitC008272475GBC00827
ForkliftCase586G$49,900 MFD, 22ft, 6000 lb Mast114427150FDL114427
ForkliftCase588H$59,900 MFD, 22ft, 8000 lb, Mast114558450Sey114558
ForkliftCase588H$52,900 2wd, ROPS, 22 ft mast11467290SP114672
ForkliftCase588H$56,900 MFD, 22' Mast, Load Control, Susp Seat, Block Heater, Dual Batteries, Grid Heater11476795Dale114767
ForkliftCase586G$27,900 Straight Mast Forklift, 22 Foot Mast with Side Shift, 48" Pallet Forks, 4WD, Power Steering, 5000 Pound Lift Capacity8225856300Dale822585
ForkliftCase588H$64,900 MFD, 22' Mast, Tier 4B114747125Wau114747
ForkliftIH4500$9,900 12ft DSLWU00172250WauWU0017
ForkliftJCB541-70$89,9001302 Aux Hydraulics, CAB Tinted Glass, Grammer Air Seat, Q-Fit Carriage, Front and Rear Worklights, Cold Start Kit8129162260GB812916
ForkliftJLGFS60$1,995 12ft portable work platform903211 Dale903211
ForkliftSkytrak10054$99,900 4WD, Cab, 10,000 lb ext fl903337530GB903337
ForkLiftSkytrak8042$79,900 MFD, Rops, 8000lb, 42ft ext fl, 48" forks, 60" carriage903433540SP903433
ForkliftSkytrak10054$99,900 4WD, Cab, 10,000 lb ext fl903308450FDL903308
LoaderCase570LXT$12900 as is71MFD, Cab, Heat, Wipers, Radio, Suspension Seat, Standard, Shuttle Transmission, Modified 3pt Hitch, 88" Box Scraper, Snow Bucket, 82" Dirt Bucket8225866582Dale822586
LoaderCase570MXT$32900 as is80Tractor Loader with dirt bucket, cab, heat, shuttle transmission, front and rear lights and wipers, FCC front manual quick coupler/tool carrier8225731900Dale822573
LoaderCase570MXT$34,900 2WD, Rops, 3pt11472150Dale114721
LoaderCase570NXT$67,900 MFD, Cab, 3 Point114648125Dale114648
Loader BackhoeCase580SNWT$89,90097MFD, Cab, Air, EXT, Pilot Controls, Power Lift, Aux Hyd on Hoe, 2 Door Cab, Comfort Steer, Jump Start, Ride Control, Dual Batteries114627145GB114627
Loader BackhoeCase580N$69,9004854WD, Extendahoe, CAB, Heat, A/C, Radio ,Suspension Seat, Ride Control, 82" Front Bucket, 24" Backhoe Bucket, Dual Lever Controls822568400Dale822568
Loader BackhoeJCB215$17900 as is92JCB 215 loader backhoe, cab, heat, shuttle transmission, extendahoe, 2wd, pilot hoe controls, ride controlGU08404022GBGU0840
Loader BackhoeJCB215E$19,90090JCB 215E loader backhoe, cab, heat, shuttle transmission, extendahoe, 2wd, 4 lever hoe controls, auxiliary hydraulicsGU08413301GBGU0841
Skid SteerCaseSR250-4$34,900 T4, CAB, Air, Air Seat, Hyd Coupler, E/H Controls114569275FDL114569
Skid SteerCaseTR320$45,900 CAB, Air, 2 Speed, Mechanical Controls, Air Seat, Hyd Coupler, Block Heater, Performance Package, Tier 4A11457870GB114578
Skid SteerCaseSR175$26,900 CAB, Air, 1 Speed, Hand/ Foot Controls, Hyd Coupler, Tier 4B11466690Dale114666
Skid SteerCaseSR250$34,900 T4, CAB, Air, Air Seat, Hyd Coupler, E/H Controls114570498GB114570
Skid SteerCaseSR250$34,900 CAB, Air, 2 Speed, 78" BucketE10186470DaleE10186
Skid SteerCaseSV185$24,90066Rops, H Pattern, Manual DetachEU02081061SPEU0208
Skid SteerCaseSV185$29,900 CAB, Air, 2 Speed, Hyd Coupler, Hand/ Foot Controls, Block Heater, Performance Package, Tier 4BG1020495DaleG10204
Skid SteerCaseSR160$29,900 Cab, Heater, H-Pattern, Mechanical, Tier 4 B, Block Heater, No Bucket11474450GB114744
Skid SteerCaseSR250$42,900 Cab, Air, 2 Speed Mechanical, Susp Seat, HD Hyd Coupler, Block Heater, Performance Package, 12x16.5 Tires, 78" Bucket114709225Wau114709
Skid SteerCaseSV185$32,900 Cab, Air, 2 Speed Mechanical, Hyd Coupler, Block Heater, 10x16.5 Tires, 72" Low Profile Bucket114667275FDL114667
Skid SteerCaseSR200$20,900 Open CAB, Manual Bucket Coupler, Block Heater,F822281909DaleF82228
Skid SteerGehl5640ET4$27,90072Cab, Heat, T-Bar Controls, 2 Speed, Power Tach, Susp Seat, Counter Weight, Block Heater, 74" Bucket with Edge.EU01971500SPEU0197
Skid SteerJCB170$19900 as is Cab with heat, hand and foot controls, high back vinyl seat, parallel lift, worklights, block heater, clean cab, runs greatWU0124370WauWU0124
Skid Steer AttachementBerlonBBH$1,995 Skid Steer Bale Handler864135 Dale864135
Skid Steer AttachmentEdgeDB84$4,900 6 way dozer bladeSE2252 DaleSE2252
Skid Steer AttachmentFFCLAF3566$1,995 Skid Steer Mounted Preperator, 66" with Hopper864107 Dale864107
TrailerChiltonHH1900R$995 1,900lb GVW 61"x97"902990 Dale902990
Wheel LoaderJCB427HT$119,900 2.1 yd Wheel Loader, Heat, Air, Radio, Lights w/ Beacon, Rear Hitch and pin, Cloth Seat, Spacious CABG42982285WauG42982
BalerCaseIHLB333Call Tandem, Roto CutW00349 WauW00349
BalerCaseIHRS561$9,900 High Capacity Round Baler, 5X6 Bale Size, Twine Tie, Bale Forming Monitor, Flotation Tires, Bale Unloading RampF822676000FDLF82267
BalerCaseIHLB334Call Tandem, Packer Cut, Applicator, Bale ChuteW00386 WauW00386
BalerCaseIHLB334Call Tandem, Roto Cut, Applicator, Bale ChuteE00670 DaleE00670
BalerNew HollandBR7060$24,900 New Holland Baler Silage Special, Net Wrap, Bale Command, Power Ramp, Flotation Tires, Extra Wide Sweep Pickup, 4580 BalesG80941 SeyG80941
Forage HarvesterClaasJaguar 960$259,000653MFD, V12 VMAX cutting cylinder w/ 24 knives (<50%), standard spout w/ 30" ext. manual adjust accelerator w/ Mad Jag flat paddles, autolube with quick fill fitting, stoprock, 2 groove header drive, Voyager spout cameraWE04592570WauWE0459
Forage HarvesterClaasJaguar 880$69,900 asis502MFD, power steering, 492 series feed rolls & LOC gearbox w/ hydraulic reverse and 4 way electric swithc for spout control. Cutting cylinder has been updated to a 20 knife drum. Corn cracker has new, 96 tooth horning rolls and 40% differential, autolubeWE04625560WauWE0462
Forage HarvesterClaasJaguar 980$269,900860MFD, Autolube, 71 Gallon Preservative Tank, 24 Knife Cutting Cylinder, Sherer HP Forage Processor, 2 Spout Extensions, Spout Pilot and StoprockWE04432080WauWE0443
Forage HarvesterJohn Deere7950$349,000800MFD, Kernel Processor, ProDrive Transmission, Harvest Lab, Autolube, Electric Processor Lift, 48 Knife Cutting Cylinder, Autotrac, HID Lighting, Feed Roll Curtain, Long Spout ExtensionW802831835WauW80283
Forage HarvesterSchererHP$16,500 Never UsedWE0395 WauWE0395
HeadClaasOrbis 600$75,000 20ft rotary corn head will have numerous new parts including cutting knives, scrapers, polys and hardware. Rear feed intake plate has been trimmed. Front feed intake plate has been planed. Cob savers, tubes, down crop augers, skid shoes/bonnet are goodWE0461 WauWE0461
HeadClaasOrbis 750$55,900 10 Row, 25ft Rotary Corn Head with Mechanical Contour, As IsW80282 WauW80282
HeadClaas6RN$4,900 as is 6 Row Chain Corn HeadWE0483 WauWE0483
HeadClaasPU380HD$13,900 12.5 ft hay head features auger lift and a recently rebuilt Hd auger clutch. The press rolls and auger flighting look very good. Pickup cam is tight.WE0460 WauWE0460
HeadClaasOrbis 750$80,000 10 Row/ 25ft Rotary Corn Head with Mechanical ContourWE0448 WauWE0448
HeadClaasPU380 Pro$19,000 12.5ft Hay Head with Auger Lift and Coupler DriveWE0447 WauWE0447
Mower ConditionerNew Holland499$2,900 Hydra-swing Windrower, 12 foot, Rubber-on-rubber conditioning rolls, As IsFE2624 FDLFE2624
OtherGannonHD4488$2,195 88" Box Blade with Scarifier864147 Dale864147
TiresFS30.5x32$5,900 New on 10 Hole RimsT00127 SeyT00127
Chisel PlowCaseIH870$34,900 14' 7 Shank, Disc LevelerE80755 SPE80755
Chisel PlowCaseIH870$44,900 9 Shank, 18ft, Front Cushion Mounted Disc Gangs, Spring Re-Set Shanks with 7" Points, Rear Hydraulic Disc Lever, Single Point Depth Control for Frame Depth and Lever SetF82282 FDLF82282
Chisel PlowCaseIH870CCall 7 shank, 14 ft, leveler012989 Wau012989
Chisel PlowDMI530$9,900 As IsW80303 WauW80303
Chisel PlowDMI730B$15,900 7 shank, disk levels, coverboards newer pointsG80991 GBG80991
Chisel PlowLandoll2211-11Call 11 Shank Disc, Chisel, Disc, Auto Reset, Chopper Reel449902 GB449902
Chisel PlowLandoll2510Call 5 shank, in row 3pt ripperS43356 SeyS43356
Chisel PlowWil-RichV957$24,900 6 Shank HD Deep Ripper with Coil Tine HarrowE80647 DaleE80647
Chisel PlowWil-RichW957DDR$21,900 5 shank, 30" spacing, front x frame disc with notched blades, heavy duty 3 bar coil tine harrow tandem axleF82293 FDLF82293
CombineCaseIH2588$139,9003052WD, Rock Trap, Field Tracker, Chopper8129381603FDL812938
CombineCaseIH5088$179,900280Air, CAB, DSL, Powersteer, 2WD, Rock Trap, AFX Rotor, 600 Monitor, Chopper, 2 Speed, 162 GPS, 30 Sep HrsFE2618895GBFE2618
CombineCaseIH7010$179,900350AFS 600 Monitor, Power Heated Mirrors, 2 Speed Powered Rear Axle, HD Propulsion System, Lateral Tilt with Rock Trap, CVT Feeder Drive, Corn Rotor, Large Wire Front ModuleS809821600SeyS80982
CombineCaseIH7120$249,000 2WD, 330 Sep Hours, 600 Monitor, Chopper, Duals, AFS RotorF82136450FDLF82136
CombineCaseIH5130$199,900 Power Rear Wheels, Feeder with Rock Trap and Lateral Tilt, Large Wire Concaves, Standard Square Stock Grates, Pro 700 Monitor, ChopperF82227480DaleF82227
CombineCaseIH6088$179,900 MFD, Rock Trap, Folding Topper, Straw Chopper, Pro 600, AM/FM, HID lights, Duals, 924 eng hours, 703 sep hoursS81077924DaleS81077
CombineCaseIH2144$65,000 30.5x32 drives 50%, 18.4x26 rears 50%, rock drum, rock trap, spec rotor, straw beater, spreader, topper, rear wheel assist, black box yield/moisture monitorS810642448SeyS81064
CombineCaseIH5130$199,900 2WD, Rock Trap with Lateral Tilt, Large Wire Concaves, 300 Bu Tank, Electric Folding Tank Covers, Pro 700 Monitor, Radio, HID Stadium Lighting, BeconsF82230230FDLF82230
CombineJohn Deere9550$99,900 MFD, Topper, Chopper, Duals, Spreader,W802973297DaleW80297
DiskCaseIH330 Turbo$29,900 25ft Vertical TillF82186 DaleF82186
DiskCaseIHRM330$29,900 25ft, 330 Turbo, Hydraulic Fold and Lift, Hydraulic Frame Tilt, Rear Mounted Flat Bar ReelF822351200FDLF82235
DiskCaseIHRM330$29,900 25' Turbo with Turbo Blades, Hydraulic Fold, Hydraulic Frame Tilt, Rear Mounted Reel Finisher, ScrapersFE25712000WauFE2571
DiskCaseIHRM 300 Turbo$29,900 25ft, Hydraulic Fold and Lift, Hydraulic Frame Tilt, Rear Mounted Flat Bar ReelFE2661 FDLFE2661
DiskCaseIHRM330Call 25 ft, round reel071759 Wau071759
DiskCaseIHRM330$29,900 25' 330 Turbo, Hydraulic Fold and Lift, Hydraulic Frame Tilt, Rear Mounted Flat Bar ReelF82235 FDLF82235
DiskCaseIHRM330Call 34ft, round reel012994 SP012994
DiskKrause19$3,900 as is 36' Cushion Gang, Rear Hitch, Solid Scrapers, New Main Tires, Truck Tires on WingsS81098 SeyS81098
DiskLandoll7431-23Call 23 Ft vertical harrow, conditioner reelG42938 GBG42938
DiskLandoll7431-26Call 26 FT vertical harrow, conditioner reelS43214 SPS43214
DiskLandoll6230-30Call 30ft disk, 24" bladesE42255 DaleE42255
Field CultivatorBrillionWLS3003Call 24'10" s-tine pulrimulcher, 2.5" duck foot point assemblyS43361 SeyS43361
Field CultivatorCaseIHTine Harrow$4,500 25ft Coil Tine Harrow (New) off RM370 DiskS00965 DaleS00965
Field CultivatorCaseIH4800$8,900 28ft, CaseIH Vibra-shank, Tandem Axle on main frame and wing frames, 9" sweeps, 5 bar spike tooth harrowF82241 FDLF82241
Field CultivatorDMICrumbler$6,500 38.5 ft Double Fold CrumblerF82269 FDLF82269
Field CultivatorDMI730B$15,900 7 shank, disk levels, coverboards newer pointsG80991 GBG80991
Field CultivatorKrause5635$29,900 50ft working width, 9" sweeps, 12.5L-15 tire on mainframe, 5 bar spike tooth harrowF82294 FDLF82294
Field CultivatorLandoll9650$49,900 7.5" Sweeps, 50.5' Working Width, 5 Bar Spike Harrow, Rear Hitch, Rear Hydraulics, Walking Tandems Man and Wings, Pivoting Stabilizer Wheels812940 Dale812940
Field CultivatorRemlinger3 Bar$2,495 Harrow 18ftE42169 SPE42169
HeadCaseIH1020$3,900 20' Combine Head, Plastic Teeth, 3" SickleF82278 FDLF82278
HeadCaseIH3020$23,500 25ft Flex Auger Header, 3 Inch Cut, Medium DividersS81014 SeyS81014
HeadCaseIH2606$49,900 6 Row ChoppingE00549 FDLE00549
HeadCaseIH2606$52,900 6 Row ChoppingE00613 SPE00613
HeadCaseIH2608$59,500 2011 chopping corn head, 8 row 30 inch, field tracker, header ht control, hyd power augers, row guide gps sensors, stalk stompers on all rows, tall corn kit, very good cond.S81089 SeyS81089
HeadCaseIH2606$49,900 6 Row with 30" Spacing, Polu Dividers with Hydraulically Driven Spiral Dividers, Tall Corn Kit, Automatic Header Height and Tilt, New KnivesF822191200FDLF82219
HeadCaseIH1020$3,900 20ft, 3" SickleGE1648 GBGE1648
HeadCaseIH3208$37,900 8 Row head, Auto Header, Height Control, New.S00730 SeyS00730
HeadCaseIH2606$43,500 6RN Chopping Corn HeadS80991 SeyS80991
HeadCaseIHReel$3,900 25ft Reel off 3020 head. NewS00944 SeyS00944
HeadCaseIH3406$38,900 6 Row, 30", Poly Dividers, Hydraulic Stripper PlatesF822471000FDLF82247
HeadCaseIH2020$13,900 Flex, 20 ft, Medium Dividers, 3" Sickle, Full Length Retractable Fingers812863 GB812863
HeadCaseIH2606$39,900 6 Row, Chopping Style Head with 30" Spacing, Poly Dividers, Auto Header, TrackerF82238 FDLF82238
HeadCaseIH2206$24,900 6 row non chopping corn head, poly snouts, clean solid machine, 2005 model, auto header height contorl, not field tracker ready, legacy hook up, came off 2366F82296 FDLF82296
HeadCaseIH3406$37,900 6 Row, Auto Header, Height Control, NewS00874 SeyS00874
MiscBerlonSCN-8$4,995 Silage Facer for JCB 536/540G42536 GBG42536
OtherEZ Flow475$6,900 Auger Cart, Folding Side Auger, R3 Knobby TiresF82220 FDLF82220
PlanterCaseIH500T$99,900 30ft 500T precision disk, 7.5 inch spacing, flotation tires, work switch, meter for soybeans and wheat, AFS 700 Pro monitor, in cab down pressure. Approx 1600 AcresS81081 SeyS81081
PlanterCaseIH1250$99,900 16 Row, on Row Hoppers, Liquid Fert, Martin Single Fert Openers, Dual Whippers, Markers, 600 Gal Liquid Tank, PTO Pump, Row Clutches, Pneumatic Down Pressure, Hydraulic Seed Drive864113 Dale864113
PlanterCaseIHSDX-30$39,900 Air Seeder, 30ft Width, 7.5" Spacing, Front and Rear Ranks, Dual Wheels on Main and Tandem Wheels on WingsF82236 FDLF82236
PlanterCaseIH1250$79,900 16 Row, Bulk Seed, Liquid Fertilizer Pump Only, 22 gpm PTO, Spring Down Press, Seed Tubes with Smart SensorsW80244 SeyW80244
PlanterCaseIH1200$39,900 Bulk Fill, Pivot, 16 Row, Row Markers, Row Cleaners, Pro 600 MonitorW80276 GBW80276
PlanterCaseIH1245Call 12 row pivot, liquid fert, no til coulters, cable drive metersE00689 WauE00689
PlanterCaseIH1245Call 12 row pivot, liquid fert, no til coultersE00688 SPE00688
PlanterFlexi-Coil1720$47,900 30ft Air Seeder with 1720 Air Cart in front with Hydraulic Fan Drive and Ground Driven MetersF82224 FDLF82224
PlanterJohn Deere1770$29,900 16 Row 30", Hydraulic Drive, Pro 40 Parts in Row Units, Liquid Fertilizer Tanks, Set Up for Pop Up Fertilizer on Row, Markers, Greenstar Monitor, Piston Pumps for Liquid Fert, Rubber V Closing Wheels, 2pt HitchS81041 SeyS81041
PlanterJohn Deere1750$26,9001626 Row MAX Emerge XP Planter, Liquid Fertilizer, Vacuum, Stored in a shed when not used.G81005 GBG81005
PlanterJohn Deere1720$47,900 Hydraulic drives, red ball manifolds, liquid fert single disk opener, 12 row, 30" rows, row markers, and yetter trash wheels (unit is 3 point mounted)E80730 SPE80730
PlanterJohn Deere7200$14,900 12 Row, 30 Inch, Liquid Fertilizer, Squeeze Pump, Double Disc Openers, 6 Tanks, Computrack 300 Monitor, Markers, Vacuum MetersS81036 SeyS81036
PlanterKinze3600$75,000 12 Row, 30", Edge Vac with Corn and Soy Plates, Kinze notill with Kinze Dual Floating Residue Wheels with Treaders, KPM III with RadarSE22254500SeySE2225
PlanterKinze3600$94,900 16 row 30 inch finger type, Yetter floating row cleaners, liquid in furrow fertilizer, central bulk fill, approx. 3500 acres, markersS81087 GBS81087
SprayerAg Chem1264C$89,900275CAB, Air, DSL, Falcon Monitor, 4 section 80/60 Boom, Hyd Tred Adjust, 3" Fill, 1200 Gallon Stainless Tank, 30" Fertilizer Outlets, Combo ready unit (capable of dry fert spreader box)G809482424GBG80948
SprayerBlumhardt1000$6,900 Pull Type Sprayer with 1000 Gallon Tank, 90ft Boom, Single Axle with Single Tires, Hydraulic Boom Tilt and Lift, Manual Fold, Hydraulic Pump, Raven ControlsF82254 FDLF82254
SprayerCaseIHSPX4260$99,9002801200 Gal Stainless Tank, Phoenix Aluminum Telescoping Boom Capable of Spraying Infinitely Variable Widths from 90' to 135', 20" Single Spaced Nozzles, Raven 460 Rate Control, Active Suspension, Hydraulic Leg Widening, 3" Fill, Radar, Eductor, FendersGE17182775SPGE1718
SprayerHardiNP1100$9,900 as is 1100 gallons, 1000 rpm PTO diaphragm pump, 2" fill port, suspended rear axle, wheel speed pickup, 20" spaced triplets, rinse tank, pump type 463/5.5, HC2500 rate control, 5 section 90' boom. As isGE1715 WauGE1715
SprayerJohn Deere4930$149,900325Liquid and Spinner Combo, 90' Boom, 20' inspacing, 1200 Gallon Stainless Steeel Tank, Hydrostatic Transmission, 380/105R50 Tiresm New Leader L3220 Dry Box SpreaderGE17222972GBGE1722
SprayerNitroAtlas 3004$89,900300Raven 460 and Evizio Pro, 6 speed Allison Transmission, 2 Speed Axle, 1600 Gal PT & E Tank, Air Valves, SS Inductor, Pressure Washer, Set of Float Tires, 60/90’ BoomGE16962500GBGE1696
SprayerSprayer Specialties1600$7,900 1600 Gal, Pull Type, 60ft Boom, Hydraulic Fold and Lift, Lights, Hydro PTO Pump, Fam Markers, 4 Section Elecctric Ball Valves with Electric Shut Off Switches, Hand Wash TankFE2649 FDLFE2649
SprayerTop AirTA550$21,900 Pull type 550 gal tank, Hydraulic 45ft cross folding boom, Standard break away booms449858 Dale449858