Below is a list of our Tires available for sale.



You need a sprayer that’s ready when you are to take advantage of the perfect agronomic window to get into the field. You want it to provide consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, and to work smoothly and reliably all season, every season. That’s what today’s Patriot sprayers are designed to do, in an application package that fits your operation perfectly. That’s technology, engineering and expertise combined to keep plants healthy and maximize yield potential.


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T000818(4) 480/80R50 (4) 380/80R38FirestoneNew Tires on Rims off New Magnum 260100$24,900Dale
TU0172111L-15Armstrong8 Ply off Rim, New100$100Dale
TU0065411R22.5GoodYearTruck Tires on 8 Hole Rims50$800Dale
TU0169112LLx16GalaxyTurf Special, 6 Ply off Rim10$30Dale
TU0101113.00-24FS12 ply10$50Dale
TU0104313.00-24Galaxy14 ply20$150Dale
TIR1300121300x24 12PLYGalaxy/ConstellationStandard Industrial Lug R-4New$499 EachDale
TU0041214.9 R30GoodYearDT710, 8900 Series rims0-10$800SP
TU0043114.9 R30GoodYearOff rim10$50Dale
T00087214.9x24Titan4 ply on Rim for Case IH Farmall 40New$995Dale
TU0097114X24FSWeather checkedNew$300Dale
TU0064115.5x25GoodYear12 Ply off Rim90$500Dale
T00069215X19.5Titan6 ply on Rims off Case IH Farmall 31/35New$1,062Dale
TU0045116.9 R28GoodYearDT710 off rims40$100Dale
TU0037216.9R26FirestoneOn Magnum 10 Hole Rims with Centers10-20$900Dale
TU0051116.9x24FSOn Maxxum front rims 8 hole center50$400Dale
T00113416.9x24 w/12.5/80-18GalaxyR4 on RimsNew$2,900Dale
T00086116.9X28ArmOn Rim for L5450 Kubota WHNew$600Dale
TU0047216.9X30BFG6 Ply on 685 Rims $400Dale
TU0053216.9X38GoodYear8 Ply Dynatorque II on Maxxum 100 Dual Rims 8 Ply Dynatorque II on Maxxum 100 Dual Rims with Centers for Bar Axle80$1,800SP
TU0049118.4x30ArmOff rim30$150Dale
T00031218x8.50-8Protech4 ply off Case IH DX24E (719941016)100$100Dale
TU0092119.5L-24Titan10 ply off Rim30$75Dale
TU0091219.5x24FS10 Ply off rim10$100Dale
TU0175119.5x24GY12 Ply off Rim, New100$600Dale
TU0165120x10.00-8Kubota4 Ply on 5 Hole Rim70$50Dale
TU0086121Lx24GoodYearOn rim75$400Dale
TU0088221LX24GoodYearoff Rims20150Dale
TU0087221Lx24GoodYearOn rims20$650Dale
TU0068221LX24GoodYear10 ply off Rim50600Dale
T00032223x10.5-12Titanoff Kubta TG, 4 ply - 4 Hole Rim100$100Dale
T00041125X10-12 A RTV 4201 6 Ply ATR Type on Rim, Weather CheckedNew$90Dale
T00029131x13.50-15Titan4 ply Multitrac off NH TC24100$75Dale
TU01564380/90R50GoodyearOff Rim70$950 eachDale
TU01633385/65R225GYTires on 10 Hole Rims, 1 Extra Rim $750Dale
TU00552420/80 R46FSDual/Inside Rims off MX215 with Hubs75$3,500Dale
TU00112420/80 R46FSDual/Inside rims 10 hole60$3,500Dale
TU00521480/80R46GoodYearSmall Cut on SideNew$1,250SP
T000774480/80R50ContinentalOn RimsNew$12,900Dale
T000124480/80R50MitasNew Tires on Rims off New Magnum 260100$12,900Dale
TU01544500/70R24Michelinon Rims off JCB 54110$1200Dale
TU01571500/70R24MichelinNew with repaired cut $995Dale
T000131540/65 R30MichelinOn JCB Fastrac RimNew$2,500Dale
TU01552540/65R30FSoff 7120 Combine on Rims, Slightly burned $995Dale
T0008826x12Titan4 ply on Rim for Case IH DX24New$75Dale
TU016817.2x16Traction MasterOff Rim50$50Dale
TU016717x16FSOff Rim40$40Dale
TU012118.25x16PirelliOff Rim75$50Dale