Below is a list of our available Used Agricultural Tractors and Loaders.



You need a sprayer that’s ready when you are to take advantage of the perfect agronomic window to get into the field. You want it to provide consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, and to work smoothly and reliably all season, every season. That’s what today’s Patriot sprayers are designed to do, in an application package that fits your operation perfectly. That’s technology, engineering and expertise combined to keep plants healthy and maximize yield potential.


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Used Agricultural Tractors

MakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursStoreSpec SheetPicture
Case IHFarmall 140AMFD, Cab, 16x78 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 98" Bar Axle, 18.4x38, WT Carrier$58,900164SP013093
CaseIHSteiger 335Cold weather pack, 16f/2r powershift, 520/85R46 R1W 40%, front and rear diff locks, radar, ISO imp system, 1000RPM PTO, std hyd pump, 4 remotes, high capacity drawbar, am/fm radio, manu adj mirrors, performance inst cluster, luxury cab, guidance ready$99,5006175SeyS81088
CaseIHPuma 210MFD, CAB, 1000 PTO, 4 hydraulic remotes, rear duals, 18F 6R Full powershift$95,0003900SeyS81005
CaseIHMaxxum 140MFD, Cab, 16x16 Semi Powershift Transmission, Deluxe Air Seat, Cold Weather Package, 3 Remotes, Power Beyond, PFC Pump, 540/1000 PTO, Instructors Seat, Front Weight Frame$78,900152SP013191
CaseIHMaxxum 125MFD, Suspended Deluxe Cab, 16x16 Semi Powershift Transmission, 4 Remotes, 540/1000 PTO, Front Weights, Wheel Weights, Instructor Seat, Mid Mount Valve, Joystick$76,900140FDL013356
CaseIHMaxxum 140MFD, Cab, Bar Axle, 16x16, Semi Power Shift, Air Seat, 540/1000 PTO, Front Weights, 3 Remotes, Cold Weather Package, 18.4R38R1W$75,900152GB013178
CaseIHMX285AM/FM, monitor bracket, toolbox, rear wiper, wide marker lights, quick hitch, beacon, 4 remotes, 10 front weights$74,9007462SeyS81092
CaseIHMX270MFD, CAB, Front Tire Wide Fenders, 4 Remotes, 14 Front Weights$62,9007564GBG80985
CaseIHMX270MFD, CAB, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, 1000 PTO, 16 Front Weights, 3 Remotes, Auto Temp, Quick Hitch$59,9006921FDLF82178
CaseIHFarmall 125AMFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, Loader Ready, 18.4x38, Wheel Weights$56,900163Dale013415
CaseIHFarmall 125AMFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 18.4x38, WT Frame$55,900157Wau013086
CaseIHFarmall 125AMFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, Weight Frame, 18.4x38$55,900152FDL013092
CaseIHFarmall 105CMFD, Cab, L630 non self level loader, 12x12 power shuttle, wheel wts, 18.4R34/14.9R24, 540/1000 PTO, air susp seat, deluxe cab$54,900140SPE80713
CaseIHFarmall 140AFront Fenders, Outside Mirrors, Rear 3 Point, Radio, Heat, A/C, Block Heater,$54,900563SPE80753
CaseIHFarmall 95CDeluxe Cab, Radio, Rear Wiper, Air Susp Seat, 12x12 Power Shuttle, 40KPH Transmission, 16.9 GPM Implement Pump, 2 Rear Remotes, Mid Mount Valve & Joystick, 540/1000 PTO, 4WD with Limited Slip, Non-Self Leveling Loader with 84" Bucket, 4 Rear Wheel Weights$54,900140WauW80315
CaseIHFarmall 115CMFD, Cab, 12x12 Power Shuttle, Joystick, 540/1000 PTO$52,900150Dale013279
CaseIH7130MFD, 4 speed reverser, 7 front weights, 18 spd powershift, front fenders, 3 remotes, drawbar, response seat, snap on duals on rear$49900 as is6666GBG80997
CaseIHFarmall 125A2WD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 18.4x38, Front Weight Frame$49,900152Sey013091
CaseIHFarmall 95CMFD, Loader, Deluxe Cab, Air Seat, 12x12 Power Shuttle, 2 Remotes, Mechanical Self Level, 40 KPH Max Ground Speed$49,900156GB013284
CaseIHFarmall 85CMFD, cab, L630 ldr, 24x24 hi-lo power shuttle, 540/1000 PTO, wheel weights, warranty$49,90050DaleE00707
CaseIHFarmall 140A2WD, Rops, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Left & Right Hand Steps, 18.4x38, Wheel Weights, Weight Frame$48,900159Sey013433
CaseIHFarmall 110AMFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 18.4x38$46,900158SP013083
CaseIHFarmall 110A2WD, Cab, 16x8 Transmission, Power Shuttle, Air Seat, Weight Frame$44,900162Dale013081
CaseIHFarmall 75CCab, air suspension seat, NO CREEPER, 12x12 power shuttle transmission, 30 KPH transmission, 540 PTO, Joystick loader control handle, with Case IH L560 loader with 84" bucket, 4wd, No front fenders, radio, and customer installed buddy seat$42,900308WauW80308
CaseIHMagnum 711016.9x28 Fronts 90%, 20.8x38 Rears 90%, Clamp On Duals 30%, MFD, Set of Front Weights, 4 Remote Valves, 18 Speed Power Shift, Sold as is$39900 as is7000SeyS81104
CaseIHSteiger 500QPTO, 30" Quad Trak, Front and Rear HID Lights, Dual Beacons, Cold Weather Kit, True Ground Speed Sensor, High Cap Drawbar, High Cap Pump, 6 Remotes, Power Beyond, Front Bumper Weight$359,900330SP812963
CaseIHMagnum 370CVTCVT, Susp Front Axle, Guidance, Duals$229,900460SeyF00704
CaseIHMagnum 315MFD, Susp axle, 19 speed powershift, luxury cab, guidance ready, 480/80R50, duals, weights. 540/1000 PTO$229,900405SeyS81048
CaseIHSteiger 450-4Bareback, Ballest Package, 4WD, Luxury cab, 18F 2R full powershift, 4 hydraulic remotes, mounting bracket, Front, rear, and rear wheel weight package$224,900370DaleE00584
CaseIHSteiger 500MFD, Hammer Strap, Power Steering, 4 remotes, auto guidance ready, 110lbs per hp ballast package, power beyond.$219,9002260SPE80727
CaseIHSteiger450-4Bareback, Wt Package, 710/70R42, Duals, 16F 2R full powershift, Cab and rear lights, 4 hydraulic remotes, front and rear weights$219,900445Sey012903
CaseIHMagnum 315Luxury CAB, MFD, DSL, Duals, PTO, 19 Speed Powershift, HD Suspended Front Axle, MFD Front Narrow Fenders, Guidance Ready, Power Beyond Motor Return, 5 Remotes$199,900750SPS80956
CaseIHSteiger 435QQuadtrak, Deluxe CAB, Decelerator Pedal, Elex Diff Locks, Updated Polu Bogey Wheel Hub Caps$199,9001880FDLE80718
CaseIHMagnum 250CVTMFD, CVT, deluxe cab, 5 remotes, guidance ready, suspended axle, 480/80R50, duals$199,900485DaleE80720
CaseIHSteiger 3504WD, luxury cab, heat/ac, radio, powershift transmission, 1000 big PTO, Goodyear 520/85R46 all the way around, Standard hyrdaulic pump, drawbar, hydraulic trailer brake, factory guidance ready, monitor bracket, GPS antenna ready, cold weather package,$199,900375WauW80313
CaseIHMagnum 340MFD, Luxury CAB, 4 Electric Remote, Std Hydraulic Pump, Performance Response Seat, Engine Block Heater, Transmission Heater, Factory Guidance Ready, CAB Suspension, Leather Instructor Seat, AM/FM/WB CD Stereo Radio$189,9001060GBG80979
CaseIHMagnum 29023F transmission, luxury cab, cab suspension, single beacon, buddy seat, positive response seat, ISO implement system, guidance ready, engine/transome htr, true ground speed sensor, Cat IV HD drawbar, Cat IV HD hitch 43" links, power beyond, 540/1000 PTO$189,9001200SPE80745
CaseIHMagnum 260Tier IV A, Engine block heater, 19F speed powershift, standard front axle, rear 4" axle, 480/80R50 rear duals, front tires 420/85R34, 540/1000 PTO, No front hitch, No front PTO, 4 rear remotes, luxury positive response seat, luxury cab, leather buddy seat$169,900610GBG80967
CaseIHMagnum 26023F transmission, luxury cab, cab suspension, single beacon, buddy seat, positive response seat, ISO implement system, guidance ready, engine/transome htr, true ground speed sensor, Cat III HD drawbar, Cat III HD hitch 43" links, Power beyond$164,9001200SPE80743
CaseIHMagnum 290MFD, Luxury CAB, Auto Guidance Ready, Standard Front Axle, Hydraulic Motor Return, Front Weight Bracket$164,900700FDLF82255
CaseIHMagnum 260MFD, Luxury CAB, Powershift with Creeper, 5 Remotes, 18 Front Weights, Luxury Positive Response Seat, Booster Seat, GPS Ready$159,9001645SPE80700
CaseIHMagnum 315Suspended Luxury Cab, Leather Buddy Seat, HD Suspended Front Axle, Narrow Front Fenders, Radio, Hid Lighting Package, Dual Beacons, 18 Front Weights$150,0002100SeyC00832
CaseIHMagnum 210Special Stars and stripes graphics, suspended front axle, duals$149,9001000SeyG80959
CaseIHMagnum 260MFD, Creeper Transmission, Deluxe CAB, DSL, 3pt, Air, Duals, Powersteer, 540/1000 PTO, Hi-Cap Pump, 5 Remotes, Power Beyond, HD Drawbar$149,9001495DaleE80651
CaseIHMagnum 260MFD, Luxury CAB, Powershift with Creeper, 5 Remotes, 18 Front Weights, Luxury Positive Response Seat, Booster Seat, GPS Ready$139,9002185WauE80699
CaseIHMagnum 260MFD, Deluxe CAB, 5 Remotes, Hi-Flow, Power Beyond, Creeper, Radar$139,9001250SPE80729
CaseIHMagnum 305Deluxe CAB, Duals, MFD, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, 4 Remotes$139,9002168SPE80656
CaseIHMagnum 235MFD, Deluxe CAB, 5 Remotes, Hi-Flow, Power Beyond, Creeper, Radar, 380/90R46$129,9001455SPE80728
CaseIHMagnum 235Deluxe CAB, MFD, Duals, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, HD Front Axle, 5 Remotes, Hi-Cap Pump, Block Heater, Creeper$129,9002342SPE80660
CaseIHMX305MFD, Luxury CAB, 3pt, Air, DSL, Duals, Powersteer, 1000 PTO, Dual Beacon Lights, Front Diff Lock, 4 Remotes, Wide Rear Fenders, Instructor Seat, Front Fenders, Auto Temp, Foot Throttle$129,9002700FDLF82205
CaseIHMagnum 2355 remotes, quick hitch, power beyond, zero return, front weight bracket, beacons, grill guard, L790 pro loader, bucket with BOE, powershift$124,9002026FDLF82309
CaseIHPuma 225 CVTHD Suspended MFD Front Axle, Deluxe CAB with Electric Adjust Mirrors, 112" Bar Axle, Deluxe Air Suspension Seat, Guidance Ready, Front Fenders 19", LH Instructor Seat, Front PTO, 3pt$124,9001905FDLG80963
CaseIHMagnum 215MFD, Deluxe CAB, 3 PTO, Small Weight Frame, 3 Remotes, Duals, Std Drawbar, Quick Hitch Front Fenders, wide Marker Lights, Radio, Tier 3 Engine$122,0001420GBS81024
CaseIHPuma 200 CVTMFD, Suspended CAB, Front Axle Suspension, Climate Control, Positive Response Seat, Roof Window, Monitor Bracket, Power Beyond, Electric Mirrors, 112 In Bar Axle, Wide Rear Fenders, 540/1000 PTO, 3 Remotes$119,9001785Sey812904
CaseIHPuma 160CVTMFD, Suspended Cab, Auto Guidance Ready, 3 Remotes, Beacon, High Capacity Pump, Power Beyond, 540/1000 PTO, 112" Bar Axle, 18.4R42, Front Weights, Instructors Seat$119,900175Sey013232
CaseIHMagnum 225CVTCVT Transmission, 3pt hitch, 540/1000PTO, high capacity hydraulic pump, power beyond, 4 remotes, deluxe cab with buddy seat, high capacity drawbar, dual beacons, worklights, 18 front weights, 4- 500 lb rear wheel weights$109,9002450SPE80742
CatMT765B3pt, 1000 PTO, 4 remotes, ISO ready, Engine and unit are clean$74,90010000WauE80733
CatMT865BTrack Machine, 32 Front Weights, Work light Package, Bare Back, 5 Remotes$119,9005894GBG80995
KubotaM126GXDTCMFD, Cab, Loader with 96" Bucket, Semi Powershift, loaded with options, shockless ride$67,900390SPK80728
KubotaM135GXDTCMFD, Cab, Semi Powershift, Loader, Skid Steer Coupler$67,90050FDLK80811
KubotaM135GXDTCMFD, Cab, 540/1000 PTO, 8 Speed Dual Range Powershift, Auto 24x24 Shuttle, Front and Rear Dif Lock, 18.4R38 Cast, Instructors Seat, Front Fenders$59,900114GBK80772
KubotaM7060HDC-12Cab, Rim Guard, 2 Remotes, Monitor Mounting Bracket, Radio$42,90060SeySE2254
KubotaM7040HDC4WD, Cab, Heat, A/C, Radio, R4 Tires with Rim Guard, Rear Wheel Weights, 2 Rear Remotes, Base Warranty until 12/31/15 or 2000 hours, Powertrain Warranty unitl 12/31/16 or 3000 hours$39,90050Dale812962
KubotaM8560HDFoldable ROPS, 8x8 hydraulic shuttle, 18.4R40 rear tires, and 12.4R25 front tires, LA1353A front loader with grille guard, 84" Bucket, Top roof top canopy$37,9001100FDLF82306
KubotaM8200DTMFD, Rops, canopy, mechanical shuttle transmission, LA1251 loader with 84" quick attach bucket,$29,900331SPEG0292