Below is a list of our available Used Agricultural Tractors and Loaders.


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Used Agricultural Tractors

MakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursStoreSpec SheetPicture
Case44904WD, Semi-powershift 12F, 4R, 2 hydraulic remotes$7,900 FDLC00809
Case9702WD, CAB, Semi-powershift, 12F, 4R, 2 hydraulic remotes$5,9006327FDLC00805
CaseIHPuma 145MFD, Deluxe CAB, 3 Remotes, Radio, CVT$99,9001095SeyW80271
CaseIHPuma 210MFD, CAB, 1000 PTO, 4 hydraulic remotes, rear duals, 18F 6R Full powershift$95,0003900SeyS81005
CaseIHMX255MFD, Std CAB, A/C, Perf Instrumentation, Std Flow Hyd, 4 Remotes, Power Beyond, Small Wt Frame Only, Auto Hammerstrap, Deluxe Seat with Heater$89,9003890SeyS81034
CaseIHMaxxum 140 T41000/540 PTO, extra cab lights, mounting bracket, front weight package, 2 hydraulic remotes, rear 3pt and PTO remotes, 18F 6R, Deluxe cab$85,900335SeyS80958
CaseIHMaxxum 125MFD, CAB$74,900175SP012882
CaseIHMX220MFD, CAB, Duals, Front 3pt, 4 Remotes, As Is$72,9003012GBW80295
CaseIHMax 120 T4MFD, Deluxe CAB, 2 hydaulic remotes, 540/1000 PTO, Tier 4, Rear PTO and 3pt remotes, cab mounted lights$67,900150GBE00610
CaseIHMaxxum120MFD, CAB, Autoshift 16F, 16R, 2 Hydraulic remotes, Rear 3pt hitch remote, Sunroof$67,900155FDL012883
CaseIHFarmall 140AMFD, CAB, L755 Loader manual detach, Cab mounted lights, 8F 1R power shuttleshift$66,900195FDLE00653
CaseIHMX270MFD, CAB, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, 1000 PTO, 16 Front Weights, 3 Remotes, Auto Temp, Quick Hitch$59,9006921FDLF82178
CaseIHMaxxum 140MFD, CAB, Loader, As Is$59,9002200DaleW80299
CaseIHMX270MFD, Deluxe CAB, Extra Work Lights, 3 Remotes, Quick Hitch$59,0008450SeyS80995
CaseIHMaxxum 110MFD, CAB, Heat, A/C, Radio, 3pt, DSL, Powersteer 2 Remotes Front Weight Carrier, 540/1000 PTO$53,9001895WauW80268
CaseIH71202WD, CAB, 3 Remotes, As Is$37,5009653WauW80288
CaseIHMX110MFD, CAB, 6 Cylinder Engine, Block Heater, Bar Axle$34,9003922SPE80719
CaseIH71102WD, CAB, Air 2 Remotes, 4 Speed Reverse, Mirrors, One Beacon Light, As Is$29,90013400FDLF82252
CaseIHFarmall 75ACAB, Rops, L540 Loader with manual detach bucket. 540 PTO, 8F 2R partially synchronized transmission, 1 rear hydraulic remote$27,900150GBS80975
CaseIHMagnum 370CVTCVT, Susp Front Axle, Guidance, Duals$249,900220GBF00704
CaseIHFarmall 55AMFD, Rops, Loader$24,900160Dale012963
CaseIHSteiger 450-4Bareback, Ballest Package, 4WD, Luxury cab, 18F 2R full powershift, 4 hydraulic remotes, mounting bracket, Front, rear, and rear wheel weight package$239,900295DaleE00584
CaseIHSteiger450-4Bareback, Wt Package, 710/70R42, Duals, 16F 2R full powershift, Cab and rear lights, 4 hydraulic remotes, front and rear weights$229,900325GB012903
CaseIHMagnum 315Luxury CAB, MFD, DSL, Duals, PTO, 19 Speed Powershift, HD Suspended Front Axle, MFD Front Narrow Fenders, Guidance Ready, Power Beyond Motor Return, 5 Remotes$219,90090WauS80956
CaseIHSteiger 435QQuadtrak, Deluxe CAB, Decelerator Pedal, Elex Diff Locks, Updated Polu Bogey Wheel Hub Caps$209,9001800SPE80718
CaseIHMagnum 340MFD, CAB, Suspended Front Axle, Deluxe CAB, Auto Guidance Complete$199,9002074Sey812923
CaseIHSteiger 4504WD, Luxury CAB, Hi-Cap Drawbar, Hi-Cap Pump, 4 Remotes, Cold Weather Package$199,9001255SPE80692
CaseIHFarmall75AMFD, Rops, 1 Remote, 3pt with Flex Links$18,900267SPE80711
CaseIHMagnum 290MFD, Deluxe CAB, DSL, 3pt, Air, Duals, Powersteer, 540/1000 PTO, Hi-Cap Pump, 5 Remotes, Power Beyond, HD Drawbar$169,9001496WauE80652
CaseIHMagnum 290MFD, Luxury CAB, Auto Guidance Ready, Standard Front Axle, Hydraulic Motor Return, Front Weight Bracket$167,900700FDLF82255
CaseIHMagnum 290MFD, Luxury CAB, Powersteering, 4 Remtoes, Rear Wheel Lights, Front and Rear Duals$164,900698GBG80968
CaseIHMagnum 260MFD, Deluxe CAB, DSL, 3pt, Air, Duals, Powersteer, 540/1000 PTO, Hi-Cap Pump, 5 Remotes, Power Beyond, HD Drawbar$154,9001323WauE80651
CaseIHMagnum 275MFD, Duals, Full powershift 18F, 4R. Deluxe cab, radio, mounting bracket, Cab lights and in-cab mirror, 4 hydraulic remotes. 3pt hitch and PTO rear remotes$149,900790FDLF82277
CaseIHMagnum 305Deluxe CAB, Duals, MFD, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, 4 Remotes$149,9002168SPE80656
CaseIHMagnum 235Deluxe CAB, MFD, Duals, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, HD Front Axle, 5 Remotes, Hi-Cap Pump, Block Heater, Creeper$149,9001550SPE80660
CaseIHMagnum 235MFD, Luxury CAB, 3PTOs, 4 Remotes, Std Hyd Pump, Elec Armrest Adj, Block Heater, Front Fenders, Electic Mirrors, AM/FM/CD Radio, HID Light, Dual Beacon, Radar$149,900770SeyS81007
CaseIHMagnum 235Deluxe CAB, MFD, Duals, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, HD Front Axle, 5 Remotes, Hi-Cap Pump, Block Heater, Creeper$149,9001320DaleE80661
CaseIHMagnum 225CVTMFD, Luxury CAB, 119" Bar Axle, High Cap. Hydraulic Pump, 4 Remotes, Block Heater, Leather Buddy Seat, Elec Mirror, 360 HID Work Lights, Dual Beacons, AM/FM Stereo, 10 Front Weights, 4 Rear Weights$139,900755SPE80703
CaseIHMX305MFD, Luxury CAB, 3pt, Air, DSL, Duals, Powersteer, 1000 PTO, Dual Beacon Lights, Front Diff Lock, 4 Remotes, Wide Rear Fenders, Instructor Seat, Front Fenders, Auto Temp, Foot Throttle$139,9002700FDLF82205
CaseIHPuma 225 CVTHD Suspended MFD Front Axle, Deluxe CAB with Electric Adjust Mirrors, 112" Bar Axle, Deluxe Air Suspension Seat, Guidance Ready, Front Fenders 19", LH Instructor Seat, Front PTO, 3pt$134,9001804WauG80963
CaseIHMagnum 245MFD, CAB, Creeper, Rear Duals, 3 PTO, Air, 3pt, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, 5 Remotes, 18 weights, large weight Frame, Quick Hitch, Hammerstrap, AM/FM, Auto Pin, Wide Electric Mirrors, Hydraulic Return, Dual Beacon, Toolbox, Monitor Bracket, Foot Throttle$129,9002200SPE80601
CaseIHMX275MFD, Luxury CAB, CAB Work Lights, Rear HID Lights, Dual Beacon Lights, Creeper, Narrow Front Fenders, Leather Heated Seat, Std Flow Hyd, Front Weight Frame w/10 weights, Wide Rear Fenders, Cruise Control, Leather Instructor Seat, 3pt$129,9003595SeyS81030
CaseIHPuma 200 CVTMFD, Suspended CAB, Front Axle Suspension, Climate Control, Positive Response Seat, Roof Window, Monitor Bracket, Power Beyond, Electric Mirrors, 112 In Bar Axle, Wide Rear Fenders, 540/1000 PTO, 3 Remotes$129,9001800Dale812904
CaseIHMagnum 245MFD, Deluxe CAB, Creeper, Rear Duals, 3 PTO, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, Large Weight Frame with 18 weights, 5 Remotes, High Capacity Hydraulics, Guidance Ready, ISO Interface Ready, Std Lighting Package, Foot Throttle, Electric Mirrors$129,9002070WauE80602
CaseIHMagnum 215MFD, Deluxe CAB, 3 Pto, Small Weight Frame, 3 Remotes, Duals, Std Drawbar, Quick Hitch$122,0001355SeyS81024
CaseIH3394MFD, CAB, 24 speed forward (4x6) partial powershift, 4 reverse, 2 Hydraulic remotes, 1000 PTO, As Is$12,9009789DaleW80290
CaseIHPuma 225MFD, CAB, CVT, Heat, A/C, Radio , Guidance Ready, HID Lighting, Beacon, Front Fenders, Instructors Seat, Hi Flow, Loader Brackets, Mid Mount w/ Joystick, Loader, Suspended Front Axle, 10 Front Weights, Rear Wheel Weights$119,9001437WauW80281
Fendt926MFD, CAB, Heat, Air, Front 3pt Hitch, Front PTO, Telescopic Rear View Mirrors, Rear Bar Axle, Buddy Seat, 4 Remotes$69,9005708FDLF82211
IH50882WD, CAB, Block Heater, As Is$13,9008333WauW80302
John Deere8300MFD, CAB, Heat, A/C, Radio, Guidance Ready, As Is$49,9007618WauW80287
KubotaM126XDTCMFD, CAB, Cab lights front and back, 2 hydraulic remotes, 540 PTO, 16F 16R partial power shift, Rear 3pt hitch remote$52,90055DaleK80158
KubotaM7040HDC-1MFD, CAB, Ldr$39,900105SPK80343
KubotaM105SDSCMFD, cab, heat, air, radio, 3 remotes, As Is$32,9002242WauW80292
Massey Ferguson26752WD, CAB, Loader, As Is$6,9002875GBG80975
New HollandWorkmaster 75MFD, Rops, 625TL Loader with Bucket$24,900327WauWE0452