Below is a list of our available Used Compact, Lawn and Garden Equipment.


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Used Compact, Lawn & Garden

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursStoreSpec SheetPicture
CompactCaseIHFarmall 50BMFD, CAB, Loader, CVT Transmission$39,900150DaleS80977
CompactCaseIHFarmall 30BMFD, Rops, Hydro, Loader, 66" Mid Deck$21,900150Sey013148
CompactCaseIHFarmall 30BMFD, Rops, Hydro, 66" Mid Deck$16,900150GB013149
CompactKubotaBX2200-54MFD, 54" Deck, 3pt, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, Rops, Loader Valve$6,2501620WauWG0080
CompactKubotaB2910HSTMFD, Rops, Loader, Block Heater$12,900932FDLFE2669
CompactKubotaL2900HSTMFD, ROPS, 4WD, GST, has a TG-72-Y king rotary cutter tiller to go wit hit$11,90025Dale851083
CutterBefcoFM17-C50FM5D17ft Bat Wing Mower, As Is$2,495 GBGE1688
CutterLandprideRCFM4518015' Batwing Mower, Hydraulic Raise Wings and Gauge Wheels, Heavy Duty Blade Rings, Walking Tandem Axles and Wheels$3,900 as is GBGE1714
CutterLandprideFDR359090" 3pt Finish$2,995 Dale449023
LawnJohn DeereF114572" Mower Deck, 60" Sweeper with Hydraulic Angle, Hard CAB with Heater, Worklights, Electric Wiper$4,9002650SPEG0286
LawnJohn Deere9322WD, CAB, Heat, 60" Front Mower Deck, 60" Broom, Peco Collection System$3,9001193GBGL0542
LawnJohn Deere1600MFD, Rops, Wide Area Mower, 62" Center, 42" Wing Decks, Rear Discharge$19,9001228SeySG0118
LawnKubotaZD326P-6060" Zero Turn, DSL$9,900455Dale851080
LawnKubotaZD21-60Zero Turn Mower, DSL, 60" Pro Deck, Rops$7,900 FDLFG1033
LawnKubotaF2400MFD, Cab, 72 inch deck, bagger$5,495735Dale851084
LawnKubotaZG127E-5454" Zero Turn$4,90065Dale851081
LawnLandprideZXT6060" Zero Turn, Suspended Seat$4,995155Wau850998
LawnNew HollandMC222WD, 60" Deck, Diff Lock, Newer Blades$7,900488SeySG0117
LawnSimplicityConquest52" Deck$4,49510SeyE51137
LawnSimplicityPrestige2WD, 50" Mower Deck, 42" Two Stage Snowblower, Original Tractor CAB, Rear Suitcase Weights, Tire Chains$4,295860SPEG0283
LawnSimplicityPrestige54" Deck, MFD, Powersteering, Hydro, B&S Gas$3,900260SP850991
LawnSimplicityZ300044" Zero Turn$2,99510DaleE51079
LawnSimplicityPrestige54" Deck, 42" Snowblower (single stage), 36" Rear Tiller, As Is$2,495438DaleWG0084
OtherCaseIHBS172R74" 3pt$3,495 Dale071724
OtherCaseIHBS174R74" 3pt$3,495 FDL071725
OtherCaseIHTLX15252" 3pt Tiller$1,795 Dale071730
OtherLandpridePD10PH Digger$650 Dale447673
OtherLMC6310Hydraulic Chute$4,295 SeySE2214
OtherLMC7310Manual Rotation and Chute, 84" Two Stage Snowblower$3,29510GBGE1703
OtherMB3 pt Broom3pt Mounted Broom Manual Angle 84" width, 540 PTO, Poly and Steel Bristles$2,495 Dale864114
UtilityCaseScout XL4Gas, Canopy, Plastic Windshield, Electric Bed Lift, 4WD, Grill Guard, 2" Hitch, Lights$8,995215SP851057
UtilityCaseIHScoutElectric Bed Lift and Bed Mat$7,90095Dale851048
UtilityKubotaRTV900R9HCamo Color, Worksite Tires, Glass Windshield, Plastic Bedliner$9,900960SeySG0115
UtilityKubotaRTV900RCamo, Windshield, Canopy, Manual Dump, As Is$6,9002400FDLFG1029
UtilityKubotaRTV1100C-HCAB, Air, Heat, Radio, Aux Work Lights$12,900517WauWG0085