Below is a list of our available Used Constuction Equipment.



You need a sprayer that’s ready when you are to take advantage of the perfect agronomic window to get into the field. You want it to provide consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, and to work smoothly and reliably all season, every season. That’s what today’s Patriot sprayers are designed to do, in an application package that fits your operation perfectly. That’s technology, engineering and expertise combined to keep plants healthy and maximize yield potential.


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Used Construction Equipment

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursStoreSpec SheetPicture
AttachmentCTI404000lb Forks to weld on bucket$995 DaleF42900
Attachment SkidCaseRubber TracksTracks for a 95XT$595 Dale963519
Attachment SkidGrotechBroom72" Hyd Angle Push Broom$495 Dale445093
AttachmentsBradco62548"x6" trencher TEOS$3,495 Dale903012
CompactionVibromax26547.2" Double Drum Asphalt Roller, 6000 lb op wt$21,900250Dale901590
ExcavatorCaseCX55BCab, Air, 24" bucket, hyd thum, 5.5 ton machine$59,90050Dale114657
ExcavatorCaseCX36BCab, Thumb$42,90050GB114604
ExcavatorCaseCX36B18" Bucket, Front Blade, ROPs, Open Cab$37,900150FDL114536
ExcavatorKubotaU35Cab, mini excavator$35,500270Dale822571
ExcavatorKubotaKX71SR2T3CAB, Rubber Tracks, Thumb$34,900100DaleK80628
ExcavatorKubotaU35R1AS2Rops, Wrty, Auxiliary hydraulics, 18" bucket$34,900160SPK80860
ForkliftBobcatV723Power Steering, heat, ac, radio, new rear wiper, reverse lights, crab steering option, one weld in the boo, new Hydrostatic clutch, new turbo in July 2014, rear hitch, beacon$34,900asis4906WauWU0121
ForkliftCase5802WD, Gas$7,900 as is Dale822577
ForkliftCase588HMFD, 22ft$64,90075WauG10206
ForkliftCase588HMFD, 22ft, 8000 lb, Mast$59,900450Sey114558
ForkliftCase588H2wd, ROPS, 22 ft mast$52,90090SP114672
ForkliftCase586GMFD, 22ft, 6000 lb Mast$49,900150FDL114427
ForkliftCase5842WD, 4000 lb, 21 ft mast$10,900 asis5224Dale822576
ForkliftIH450012ft DSL$9,9002250WauWU0017
ForkliftJCB550-80Agri Telehandler, Q Fit CarriageCall FDLF42987
ForkliftJCB541-702 Aux Hydraulics, CAB Tinted Glass, Grammer Air Seat, Q-Fit Carriage, Front and Rear Worklights, Cold Start Kit$89,9002260FDL812916
ForkliftJLGFS6012ft portable work platform$1,995 Dale903211
ForkliftSkytrak100544WD, Cab, 10,000 lb ext fl$99,900450FDL903308
ForkliftSkytrak100544WD, Cab, 10,000 lb ext fl$99,900530GB903337
ForkLiftSkytrak8042MFD, Rops, 8000lb, 42ft ext fl, 48" forks, 60" carriage$79,900525SP903433
ForkliftSkytrakG5-18MFD, CAB, Air, Skidcoupler$49,900365Dale902874
LoaderCase570NXTMFD, CAB, 3pt$59,900215Dale114646
LoaderCase570MXT2WD, Rops, 3pt$34,90020Dale114721
Loader BackhoeCase580KCab, heat, 2wd, 84" front bucket, extend ahoe, no rear bucket, spare front tire$9,900 as is5831FDLF82297
Loader BackhoeCase580N4WD, Extendahoe, CAB, Heat, A/C, Radio ,Suspension Seat, Ride Control, 82" Front Bucket, 24" Backhoe Bucket$69,900400Dale822568
Loader BackhoeCase580SMSeries 2, cab, heat, 4wd, extendahoe, standard shuttle transmission, ride control, pilot hoe controls, fenders, beacon, rear auxiliary hydraulics on the hoe, block heater.$32,9003860Dale822580
Loader BackhoeCase580C2WD, cab, std$10,500 DaleC00822
Skid SteerCaseTR320CAB, Air, 2 Speed, Mechanical Controls, Air Seat, Hyd Coupler, Block Heater, Performance Package, Tier 4A$47,90070GB114578
Skid SteerCaseTV380E-H, Cab, Heat, A/C, Hydraulic Coupler, High Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics$44,900666GBGU0836
Skid SteerCaseSR250CAB, Air, 2 Speed, 78" Bucket$38,900415DaleE10186
Skid SteerCaseSR250-4T4, CAB, Air, Air Seat, Hyd Coupler, E/H Controls$38,900185SP114569
Skid SteerCaseSR250T4, CAB, Air, Air Seat, Hyd Coupler, E/H Controls$37,900450GB114570
Skid SteerCaseSV185CAB, Air, 2 Speed, Hyd Coupler, Hand/ Foot Controls, Block Heater, Performance Package, Tier 4B$32,90095DaleG10204
Skid SteerCaseSR175CAB, Air, 1 Speed, Hand/ Foot Controls, Hyd Coupler, Tier 4B$29,90050Dale114666
Skid SteerCase440CTCAB, DSL, Air, Loader, 72" bucket, Heat, A/C, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Ride Control, Foot Throttle, Hydraulic Coupler, Front and Rear Light$24,9001620Dale822540
Skid SteerCase40XTCase Controls, rops, Aux Hydraulics, has a 5.5ft bradco bucket,$10,9002850GBGU0834
Skid SteerGehl5640ET4CAB, Heat, T Bar Controls, Susp Seat, Power Tach, Counter Weight, Block Heater, 74" Bucket with Edge$27,9001500SPEU0197
Skid SteerGehl4640EP2T-Bar Controls, 2 speed, quick tach, suspension seat, 12x16.5 tires, cab w/ heat, block heater, rear counter weight$24,5001724SeyEU0199
Skid SteerGehl4640EP2CAB, Heat, T Bar Controls, Susp Seat, Power Tach, Counter Weight, Block Heater, 74" Bucket with Edge$24,5001333SPEU0196
Skid SteerGehl4640EP2CAB, Heat, T Bar Controls, Susp Seat, Power Tach, Counter Weight, Block Heater, 74" Bucket with Edge$24,5001291SeyEU0198
Skid SteerGehlCTL6070" Bucket, DSL, Loader, Rops, Foot Controls, Vertical Lift, Work Lights, Manual Quick Attach, Auxiliary Hudraulics$14,9002405GB822544
Skid SteerJCB260CAB, Air, 84" Bucket$37,90050GBW60121
Skid SteerJCB155Single boom lift design, semi open cab, side door easy entrance, large cab, manual detach, auxiliary hydraulics$24,90080GBF42917
Skid SteerKubotaSVL90HCCAB, Tracked Unit, Air, 80" Bucket, DSL$44,900585SP822541
Skid Steer AttachementBerlonBBHSkid Steer Bale Handler$1,995 Dale864135
Skid Steer AttachmentFFCLAF3566Skid Steer Mounted Preperator, 66" with Hopper$2,195 Dale864107
TrailerChiltonHH1900R1,900lb GVW 61"x97"$995 Dale902990
Wheel LoaderJCB427HT2.1 yd Wheel Loader, Heat, Air, Radio, Lights w/ Beacon, Rear Hitch and pin, Cloth Seat, Spacious CAB$129,900175WauG42982