Below is a list of our available Used Equipment at our Dale Location.



You need a sprayer that’s ready when you are to take advantage of the perfect agronomic window to get into the field. You want it to provide consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, and to work smoothly and reliably all season, every season. That’s what today’s Patriot sprayers are designed to do, in an application package that fits your operation perfectly. That’s technology, engineering and expertise combined to keep plants healthy and maximize yield potential.


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Used Equipment at Dale

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursSpec SheetPicture
TractorKubotaM7040HDC4WD, Cab, Heat, A/C, Radio, R4 Tires with Rim Guard, Rear Wheel Weights, 2 Rear Remotes, Base Warranty until 12/31/15 or 2000 hours, Powertrain Warranty unitl 12/31/16 or 3000 hours$39,90050812962
TractorCaseIHFarmall 115CMFD, Cab, 12x12 Power Shuttle, Joystick, 540/1000 PTO$52,900150013279
TractorCaseIHMagnum 250CVTMFD, CVT, deluxe cab, 5 remotes, guidance ready, suspended axle, 480/80R50, duals$199,900485E80720
TractorCaseIHFarmall 85CMFD, cab, L630 ldr, 24x24 hi-lo power shuttle, 540/1000 PTO, wheel weights, warranty$49,90050E00707
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260MFD, Creeper Transmission, Deluxe CAB, DSL, 3pt, Air, Duals, Powersteer, 540/1000 PTO, Hi-Cap Pump, 5 Remotes, Power Beyond, HD Drawbar$149,9001495E80651
TractorCaseIHSteiger 450-4Bareback, Ballest Package, 4WD, Luxury cab, 18F 2R full powershift, 4 hydraulic remotes, mounting bracket, Front, rear, and rear wheel weight package$224,900370E00584
TractorCaseIHFarmall 110A2WD, Cab, 16x8 Transmission, Power Shuttle, Air Seat, Weight Frame$44,900162013081
TractorCaseIHFarmall 125AMFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, Loader Ready, 18.4x38, Wheel Weights$56,900163013415
CompactKubotaL6060HSTHydro Trans, turf tires, rim guard, 72" universal quick tach bucket$32,900125S81079
CompactCaseIHFarmall 30BMFD, Rops, Hydro, 66" Mid Deck w/ Loader$21,900150013149
LawnKubotaZG127E-5454" Zero Turn$4,90090851081
LawnKubotaZG222-4822hp gas, zero turn, 48" fabricated deck$4,495300851090
LawnAriensEZR154214HP 42" zeroturn$1,295 851082
OtherCaseIHTLX15252" 3pt Tiller$1,795 071730
OtherCaseIHBS174R74" 3pt$3,295 071724
UtilityKubotaRTV1100Cab with heat, A/C, AM/FM radio, front and rear work lights, rear screen guard, heavy duty tires, power steering, hydraulic dump box, front and rear receiver hitch$9,900 as is960851100
UtilityKawasaki3010Kawasaki 3010 mule, 4WD, with sims cab, stobe light, front mounted straight blade with electric controls & electric dump box$7,2952881851098
AttachmentCTI404000lb Forks to weld on bucket$995 F42900
Attachment SkidCaseRubber TracksTracks for a 95XT$595 863519
AttachmentsBradco62548"x6" trencher TEOS$3,495 903012
CompactionVibromax26547.2" Double Drum Asphalt Roller, 6000 lb op wt$21,900250901590
ExcavatorKubotaKX0804R3ACab, Air, Rubber Tracks, Angle blade, 36" Bucket, QC, Thumb, 20177 lbs$84,900150K80975
ExcavatorKubotaU35Cab, mini excavator$32,900270822571
ForkliftJLGFS6012ft portable work platform$1,995 903211
ForkliftCase588HMFD, 22' Mast, Load Control, Susp Seat, Block Heater, Dual Batteries, Grid Heater$56,90095114767
ForkliftCase586GStraight Mast Forklift, 22 Foot Mast with Side Shift, 48" Pallet Forks, 4WD, Power Steering, 5000 Pound Lift Capacity$27,9006300822585
ForkliftBobcatV723Power Steering, heat, ac, radio, new rear wiper, reverse lights, crab steering option, one weld in the boo, new Hydrostatic clutch, new turbo in July 2014, rear hitch, beacon$34,900asis4906WU0121
LoaderCase570MXT2WD, Rops, 3pt$34,90050114721
LoaderCase570LXTMFD, Cab, Heat, Wipers, Radio, Suspension Seat, Standard, Shuttle Transmission, Modified 3pt Hitch, 88" Box Scraper, Snow Bucket, 82" Dirt Bucket$12900 as is6582822586
LoaderCase570NXTMFD, Cab, 3 Point$67,900125114648
LoaderCase570MXTTractor Loader with dirt bucket, cab, heat, shuttle transmission, front and rear lights and wipers, FCC front manual quick coupler/tool carrier$32900 as is1900822573
Loader BackhoeCase580N4WD, Extendahoe, CAB, Heat, A/C, Radio ,Suspension Seat, Ride Control, 82" Front Bucket, 24" Backhoe Bucket, Dual Lever Controls$69,900400822568
Skid SteerCaseSV185CAB, Air, 2 Speed, Hyd Coupler, Hand/ Foot Controls, Block Heater, Performance Package, Tier 4B$29,90095G10204
Skid SteerCaseSR200Open CAB, Manual Bucket Coupler, Block Heater,$20,9001909F82228
Skid SteerCaseSR175CAB, Air, 1 Speed, Hand/ Foot Controls, Hyd Coupler, Tier 4B$26,90090114666
Skid SteerCaseSR250CAB, Air, 2 Speed, 78" Bucket$34,900470E10186
Skid Steer AttachementBerlonBBHSkid Steer Bale Handler$1,995 864135
Skid Steer AttachmentFFCLAF3566Skid Steer Mounted Preperator, 66" with Hopper$1,995 864107
Skid Steer AttachmentEdgeDB846 way dozer blade$4,900 SE2252
TrailerChiltonHH1900R1,900lb GVW 61"x97"$995 902990
BalerCaseIHLB334Tandem, Roto Cut, Applicator, Bale ChuteCall E00670
OtherGannonHD448888" Box Blade with Scarifier$2,195 864147
Chisel PlowWil-RichV9576 Shank HD Deep Ripper with Coil Tine Harrow$24,900 E80647
CombineJohn Deere9550MFD, Topper, Chopper, Duals, Spreader,$99,9003297W80297
CombineCaseIH6088MFD, Rock Trap, Folding Topper, Straw Chopper, Pro 600, AM/FM, HID lights, Duals, 924 eng hours, 703 sep hours$179,900924S81077
CombineCaseIH5130Power Rear Wheels, Feeder with Rock Trap and Lateral Tilt, Large Wire Concaves, Standard Square Stock Grates, Pro 700 Monitor, Chopper$199,900480F82227
DiskLandoll6230-3030ft disk, 24" bladesCall E42255
DiskCaseIH330 Turbo25ft Vertical Till$29,900 F82186
Field CultivatorLandoll96507.5" Sweeps, 50.5' Working Width, 5 Bar Spike Harrow, Rear Hitch, Rear Hydraulics, Walking Tandems Man and Wings, Pivoting Stabilizer Wheels$49,900 812940
Field CultivatorCaseIHTine Harrow25ft Coil Tine Harrow (New) off RM370 Disk$4,500 S00965
PlanterCaseIH125016 Row, on Row Hoppers, Liquid Fert, Martin Single Fert Openers, Dual Whippers, Markers, 600 Gal Liquid Tank, PTO Pump, Row Clutches, Pneumatic Down Pressure, Hydraulic Seed Drive$99,900 864113
SprayerTop AirTA550Pull type 550 gal tank, Hydraulic 45ft cross folding boom, Standard break away booms$21,900 449858