Below is a list of our available Used Equipment at our Dale Location.


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Used Equipment at Dale

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursSpec SheetPicture
TractorKubotaM126XDTCMFD, CAB, Cab lights front and back, 2 hydraulic remotes, 540 PTO, 16F 16R partial power shift, Rear 3pt hitch remote$52,90055K80158
TractorCaseIHMaxxum 140MFD, CAB, Loader, As Is$59,9002200W80299
TractorCaseIH3394MFD, CAB, 24 speed forward (4x6) partial powershift, 4 reverse, 2 Hydraulic remotes, 1000 PTO, As Is$12,9009789W80290
TractorCaseIHFarmall 55AMFD, Rops, Loader$24,900160012963
TractorCaseIHPuma 200 CVTMFD, Suspended CAB, Front Axle Suspension, Climate Control, Positive Response Seat, Roof Window, Monitor Bracket, Power Beyond, Electric Mirrors, 112 In Bar Axle, Wide Rear Fenders, 540/1000 PTO, 3 Remotes$129,9001800812904
TractorCaseIHMagnum 235Deluxe CAB, MFD, Duals, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, HD Front Axle, 5 Remotes, Hi-Cap Pump, Block Heater, Creeper$149,9001320E80661
TractorCaseIHSteiger 450-4Bareback, Ballest Package, 4WD, Luxury cab, 18F 2R full powershift, 4 hydraulic remotes, mounting bracket, Front, rear, and rear wheel weight package$239,900295E00584
BladeLandprideRB40968ft Blade, Welded Up$495 864116
CompactKubotaB2320HSDMFD, LA304 Loader, RCK60-29B Mower Deck$12,900419851077
CompactCaseIHFarmall 50BMFD, CAB, Loader, CVT Transmission$39,900150S80977
CutterLandprideFDR359090" 3pt Finish$2,995 449023
LawnSimplicityPrestige54" Deck, 42" Snowblower (single stage), 36" Rear Tiller, As Is$2,495438WG0084
LawnSimplicityConquest52" Deck$4,49510E51137
LawnSimplicityZ300044" Zero Turn$2,99510E51079
LawnKubotaZD326P-6060" Zero Turn, DSL$9,900455851080
OtherMB3 pt Broom3pt Mounted Broom Manual Angle 84" width, 540 PTO, Poly and Steel Bristles$2,495 864114
OtherLMC6303pt, 78" Snowblower, Hyd Chute, Rotator$1,495 864138
OtherLandpridePD10PH Digger$650 447673
OtherKubotaF5210bGear box is out of it, Nice looking, Parts machine$995 851046
OtherCaseIHTLX15252" 3pt Tiller$1,795 071730
OtherCaseIHBS172R74" 3pt$3,495 071724
UtilityCaseIHScoutElectric Bed Lift and Bed Mat$7,90046851048
Attachment SkidPTOPumpfor 3pt of Tractor$995 864095
Attachment SkidGrotechBroom72" Hyd Angle Push Broom$1,195 445093
Attachment SkidCaseRubber TracksTracks for a 95XT$595 963519
CompactionVibromax26547.2" Double Drum Asphalt Roller, 6000 lb op wt$21,900250901590
ExcavatorKubotaKX71SR2T3CAB, Rubber Tracks, Thumb$34,90050K80628
ExcavatorCaseCX47CAB, DSL, Heat, Front Blade, Aux Hydraulics, 24" Bucket$29,9002050822542
ForkliftSkytrak603655 in pallet fork spacing, 4F 4R transmission, 4WD, Boom light$47,900805F42487
ForkliftSkytrakG5-18MFD, CAB, Air, Skidcoupler$49,900275902874
ForkliftJCB541-702 Aux Hydraulics, CAB Tinted Glass, Grammer Air Seat, Q-Fit Carriage, Front and Rear Worklights, Cold Start Kit$89,9002260812916
LoaderCase570NXTMFD, CAB, 3pt$64,900200114647
LoaderCase570LXT4WD, CAB, Heat, Wipers, Front & Rear Lights, 3pt, 82" Bucket, As Is$14,900 864142
LoaderCase570MTX3MFD, CAB, 3pt$56,900380114524
Loader BackhoeCase580MMFD, CAB, Extendahoe, 3 Speed Manual, Heat, Radio, Street Pads, Joysticks, Block Heater, New Waterpump, 36" Rear Bucket$32,9004300822561
Skid SteerKubotaSVL90-2HCCAB, Air, Air Seat, 80" Bucket$52,900260K80444
Skid SteerKubotaSVL90HCCAB, Tracked Unit, Air, 80" Bucket, DSL$47,900560822541
Skid SteerCase440CTCAB, DSL, Air, Loader, 72" bucket, Heat, A/C, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Ride Control, Foot Throttle, Hydraulic Coupler, Front and Rear Light$24,9001620822540
Skid Steer AttachementBerlonBBHSkid Steer Bale Handler$1,995 864135
Skid Steer AttachmentFFCLAF3566Skid Steer Mounted Preperator, 66" with Hopper$2,750 864107
TrailerChiltonHH1900R1,900lb GVW 61"x97"$995 902990
DiskLandoll6230-268 3/4 inch Blade Spacing, 26" Blades, C-Cushion, Adjustable Scrapers, Walking Tandems on Main and Wing, Hydraulic Self Leveling Hitch, Front Mounted Swivel Gauge Wheels, Single Point Depth Control$34,900 812932
DiskCaseIH330 Turbo25ft Vertical Till$37,900 F82186
Field CultivatorCaseIHSPIKEHRWNew 3 Bar, 3 Sections (1) 96" (2) 77"$1000 864123
Field CultivatorCaseIHSPIKEHRWNew 5 Bar, 77"$295 864122
Field CultivatorCaseIHTine Harrow25ft Coil Tine Harrow (New) off RM370 Disk$4,500 S00965
PlanterCaseIH125016 Row, on Row Hoppers, Liquid Fert, Martin Single Fert Openers, Dual Whippers, Markers, 600 Gal Liquid Tank, PTO Pump, Row Clutches, Pneumatic Down Pressure, Hydraulic Seed Drive$99,900 864113
SprayerTop AirTA550Pull type 550 gal tank, Hydraulic 45ft cross folding boom, Standard break away booms$21,900 449858