Below is a list of our available Used Equipment at our Fond du Lac Location.


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Used Equipment at Fond du Lac

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursSpec SheetPicture
TractorFendt926MFD, CAB, Heat, Air, Front 3pt Hitch, Front PTO, Telescopic Rear View Mirrors, Rear Bar Axle, Buddy Seat, 4 Remotes$69,9005708F82211
TractorCaseIHMX270MFD, CAB, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, 1000 PTO, 16 Front Weights, 3 Remotes, Auto Temp, Quick Hitch$59,9006921F82178
TractorCaseIHMagnum 290MFD, Luxury CAB, Auto Guidance Ready, Standard Front Axle, Hydraulic Motor Return, Front Weight Bracket$167,900700F82255
TractorCaseIH71102WD, CAB, Air 2 Remotes, 4 Speed Reverse, Mirrors, One Beacon Light, As Is$29,90013400F82252
TractorCaseIHMagnum 275MFD, Duals, Full powershift 18F, 4R. Deluxe cab, radio, mounting bracket, Cab lights and in-cab mirror, 4 hydraulic remotes. 3pt hitch and PTO rear remotes$149,900790F82277
TractorCaseIHMX305MFD, Luxury CAB, 3pt, Air, DSL, Duals, Powersteer, 1000 PTO, Dual Beacon Lights, Front Diff Lock, 4 Remotes, Wide Rear Fenders, Instructor Seat, Front Fenders, Auto Temp, Foot Throttle$139,9002700F82205
TractorCaseIHFarmall 140AMFD, CAB, L755 Loader manual detach, Cab mounted lights, 8F 1R power shuttleshift$66,900195E00653
TractorCaseIHMaxxum120MFD, CAB, Autoshift 16F, 16R, 2 Hydraulic remotes, Rear 3pt hitch remote, Sunroof$67,900155012883
TractorCase44904WD, Semi-powershift 12F, 4R, 2 hydraulic remotes$7,900 C00809
TractorCase9702WD, CAB, Semi-powershift, 12F, 4R, 2 hydraulic remotes$5,9006327C00805
LawnKubotaZD21-60Zero Turn Mower, DSL, 60" Pro Deck, Rops$7,900 FG1033
OtherCaseIHBS174R74" 3pt$3,495 071725
UtilityKubotaRTV900RCamo, Windshield, Canopy, Manual Dump, As Is$6,9002400FG1029
Attachment SkidVirnigBASS66Universal Mount Style Bale Spear$675 FE2668
Attachment SkidRockhound66" BucketRock Bucket with Round Bar Teeth and Skid Steer Attachment Plate$495 FE2667
ForkliftCase586GMFD, 22ft, 6000 lb Mast$54,900150114427
LoaderCase570NXTMFD, CAB, 3pt$67,900170114646
Loader BackhoeCase580NMFD, CAB, Ext, Pilot$79,90095114554
Skid SteerGehl7810ECAB, Heat, DSL, Loader, Radio, Verticle Lift, Powersteer, 2 Speed, Bucket$24,9003100F82202
Skid SteerCaseSR250CAB, Heat, EH Controls, Air Ride Suspension Seat, Keyless Start, Hydraulic Coupler, Block Heater, Performance Package, 78" Low Profile Extended Bucket with Bolt on Cutting Edge, 2 Speed$32,900414F82265
Skid SteerCaseSR250CAB, Air, 2 Speed, 78" Bucket$39,900370E10186
BalerNew HollandBR7404X6 Round Baler, Silage Special, Mesh and Twine Tie, Extra-sweep Pickup, Hydraulic Pickup, Flotation Tires$15,9005000F82271
BalerCaseIHRS561High Capacity Round Baler, 5X6 Bale Size, Twine Tie, Bale Forming Monitor, Flotation Tires, Bale Unloading Ramp$9,9006000F82267
Mower ConditionerNew Holland499Hydra-swing Windrower, 12 foot, Rubber-on-rubber conditioning rolls, As Is$2,900 FE2624
CombineCaseIH5130Power Rear Wheels, Feeder with Rock Trap and Lateral Tilt, Large Wire Concaves, Standard Square Stock Grates, Pro 700 Monitor, Chopper$211,900386F82227
CombineCaseIH51302WD, Rock Trap with Lateral Tilt, Large Wire Concaves, 300 Bu Tank, Electric Folding Tank Covers, Pro 700 Monitor, Radio, HID Stadium Lighting, Becons$209,900230F82230
CombineCaseIH71202WD, 330 Sep Hours, 600 Monitor, Chopper, Duals, AFS Rotor$259,900450F82136
DrillFlexi-Coil172030ft Air Seeder with 1720 Air Cart in front with Hydraulic Fan Drive and Ground Driven Meters$53,900 F82224
Field CultivatorDMICrumbler38.5 ft Double Fold Crumbler$6,500 F82269
Field CultivatorDMITigermate II38.5 ft Single Fold, 5 Bar Spike Harrow Mounted on Rear$15,500 F82268
Field CultivatorCaseIH480028ft, CaseIH Vibra-shank, Tandem Axle on main frame and wing frames, 9" sweeps, 5 bar spike tooth harrow$8,900 F82241
HeadCaseIH26066 Row Chopping$52,900 E00549
HeadCaseIH202025ft Flex Head, Auto Header height and header tilt, 3" sickle$19,9001000FE2615
OtherEZ Flow475Auger Cart, Folding Side Auger, R3 Knobby Tires$6,900 F82220
PlanterJohn Deere178024 Row, 20", 3 Bushel Seed Hoppers, On Row Seed Hoppers, Vacuum Seed Delivery, Liquid Fertilizer with Red Ball flow indicators and in row fertilizer with Keeton Seed Firmers, 500 Gal Fertilizer Tank, Precision Corn and Bean Meters, Front Fold$41,90013000FE2655
PlanterCaseIH12008 Row, 30" Rigid Frame Planter on Row Hoppers, Dry Fertilizer, Double Disc Coulters, Mechanical Drive, Monitor, Markers$25,900 F82218
SprayerSprayer Specialties16001600 Gal, Pull Type, 60ft Boom, Hydraulic Fold and Lift, Lights, Hydro PTO Pump, Fam Markers, 4 Section Elecctric Ball Valves with Electric Shut Off Switches, Hand Wash Tank$9,450 FE2649
SprayerBlumhardt1000Pull Type Sprayer with 1000 Gallon Tank, 90ft Boom, Single Axle with Single Tires, Hydraulic Boom Tilt and Lift, Manual Fold, Hydraulic Pump, Raven Controls$6,900 F82254