Below is a list of our available Used Forage Equipment.


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Used Forage Equipment

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursStoreSpec SheetPicture
BalerCaseIHRS561High Capacity Round Baler, 5X6 Bale Size, Twine Tie, Bale Forming Monitor, Flotation Tires, Bale Unloading Ramp$9,9006000FDLF82267
BalerNew HollandBR7060Bale Command, Power Ramp, Floatation Tires$24,900 SeyG80941
BalerNew HollandBR7404X6 Round Baler, Silage Special, Mesh and Twine Tie, Extra-sweep Pickup, Hydraulic Pickup, Flotation Tires$15,9005000FDLF82271
Forage BlowerCaseIH600PTO, As Is$1,900 GBG80936
Forage BoxH&S7+4Right Hand Unload, Tandem Axle Gear, 12 Ton, Chain Cross Conveyor, Steel Frame, 16ft, Extention Pole$6,900 SeyS81039
Forage BoxMeyer3954Meyer spreader with tandem axle, third top auger, twin auger design with rear impellers, 16.5x16.1 tires, 400 buschel capacity, paint is faded$5,500 FDLFE2662
Forage HarvestorCaseIHFHX300Processor, 3 Row Corn, HDX20P Hay$59,900 WauS00888
Forage HarvestorCaseIHFHX3009 foot hay head, 3 Row Corn Head, Crop Processor, Single Axel$34,900 GBG80987
Forage HarvestorClaasJaguar 980MFD, Autolube, 71 Gallon Preservative Tank, 24 Knife Cutting Cylinder, Sherer HP Forage Processor, 2 Spout Extensions, Spout Pilot and Stoprock$285,0001800WauWE0443
Forage HarvestorClaasJaguar 9704WD, Autolube, 71 Gallon Preservative Tank, 24 Knight Cutting Cylinder, Scherer HP Forage Processor, 2 Spout Extensions Spout Pilot and Stoprock$270,0002110WauW80280
Forage HarvestorJohn Deere7950MFD, Kernel Processor, ProDrive Transmission, Harvest Lab, Autolube, Electric Processor Lift, 48 Knife Cutting Cylinder, Autotrac, HID Lighting, Feed Roll Curtain, Long Spout Extension$349,0001835WauW80283
Forage HarvestorShererHPNever Used$16,500 WauWE0395
HeadClaasOrbis 750AC10 Row, 25ft Rotary Corn Head$89,900 WauWE0445
HeadClaasOrbis 75010 Row/ 25ft Rotary Corn Head with Mechanical Contour$80,000 WauWE0448
HeadClaasOrbis 75010 Row, 25ft Rotary Corn Head with Mechanical Contour, As Is$55,900 WauW80282
HeadClaasPU380 Pro12.5ft Hay Head with Auger Lift$19,900 WauWE0444
HeadClaasPU38012.5 ft$13,900 WauW80227
Mower ConditionerCaseIHWD1903RD162 Disc Cutter Head, 16ft Cut, CAB, A/C, Cab and Axle Suspension$79,000500FDLF82273
Mower ConditionerCaseIH884014' Head, Diesel, As Is$15,9002104GBG80965
Mower ConditionerClaas8550C8550C: 27ft Cutting Width with Mechanical Suspension, Tine Conditioners, Skid Shoes, Claas Quick Knife. 3100FC Included$58,900 WauW40591
Mower ConditionerNew Holland499Hydra-swing Windrower, 12 foot, Rubber-on-rubber conditioning rolls, As Is$2,900 FDLFE2624
OtherJ+M874Header Cart, 25ft Beam$3,000 SeyS80993
OtherJ+M874Header Cart, 25ft Beam extended to 30 ft$3,000 SeyS80987
RakeH&S12 WheelV Rake$4,900 GBG80977
RakeKuhnGF7802THA6 Rotors 7 Tine Arms Per Rotor, 29ft Operating Width, 10ft Transport Width, 540 PTO$8,900 SeyFE2654