Below is a list of our available Used Equipment at our Seymour Location.


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Used Equipment at Seymour

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursSpec SheetPicture
TractorCaseIHMagnum 215MFD, Deluxe CAB, 3 Pto, Small Weight Frame, 3 Remotes, Duals, Std Drawbar, Quick Hitch$122,0001390S81024
TractorCaseIHMagnum 315MFD, Susp axle, 19 speed powershift, luxury cab, guidance ready, 480/80R50, duals, weights. 540/1000 PTO$229,900265S81048
TractorCaseIHMagnum 235MFD, Luxury CAB, 3PTOs, 4 Remotes, Std Hyd Pump, Elec Armrest Adj, Block Heater, Electic Mirrors, AM/FM/CD Radio, HID Light, Dual Beacon, Radar$149,900835S81007
TractorCaseIHPuma 210MFD, CAB, 1000 PTO, 4 hydraulic remotes, rear duals, 18F 6R Full powershift$95,0003900S81005
TractorCaseIHMX255MFD, Std CAB, A/C, Perf Instrumentation, Std Flow Hyd, 4 Remotes, Power Beyond, Small Wt Frame Only, Auto Hammerstrap, Deluxe Seat with Heater$89,9003890S81034
TractorCaseIHFarmall 140AMFD, CAB, L755 Loader manual detach, Cab mounted lights, 8F 1R power shuttleshift$66,900195E00653
TractorCaseIHPuma 145MFD, Deluxe CAB, 3 Remotes, Radio, CVT$99,9001095W80271
TractorCaseIHSteiger 450-4Bareback, Ballest Package, 4WD, Luxury cab, 18F 2R full powershift, 4 hydraulic remotes, mounting bracket, Front, rear, and rear wheel weight package$219,900295E00584
CompactCaseIHFarmall 30BMFD, Rops, Hydro, Loader, 66" Mid Deck$21,900150013148
LawnSimplicityConquest52" Deck$4,49510E51137
LawnNew HollandMC222WD, 60" Deck, Diff Lock, Newer Blades$7,900488SG0117
LawnJohn Deere1600MFD, Rops, Wide Area Mower, 62" Center, 42" Wing Decks, Rear Discharge$19,9001228SG0118
OtherLMC6310Hydraulic Chute$4,295 SE2214
UtilityKubotaRTV900R9HCamo Color, Worksite Tires, Glass Windshield, Plastic Bedliner$9,900960SG0115
UtilityJohn Deere825iCamo color, front and rear worklights, front winch, windshield, roof, 6' moose blade with skid shoes, unit looks like New$13,900120SG0119
UtilityJohn Deere825iCamo color, front and rear worklights, front winch, windshield, roof, 6' moose blade with skid shoes$13,900120SG0119
ForkliftCase588HMFD, 22ft, 8000 lb, Mast$68,900410114558
Skid SteerGehl6640ECAB with Heater and Air Conditioning, DSL, 74" Bucket, Suspension Seat, Stereo, Hyd, Quick Tach, 2 Speed Drive$24,9004150SU0124
Skid SteerCaseSR175CAB, Air, 1 Speed, Hand/ Foot Controls, Hyd Coupler, Tier 4B$32,90050114666
Skid SteerCaseSR150ROPS, 10x16.5 tires$23,90050114613
BalerNew HollandBR7060Bale Command, Power Ramp, Floatation Tires$24,900 G80941
Forage BoxH&S7+4Right Hand Unload, Tandem Axle Gear, 12 Ton, Chain Cross Conveyor, Steel Frame, 16ft, Extention Pole$6,900 S81039
OtherJ+M874Header Cart, 25ft Beam$3,000 S80993
OtherJ+M874Header Cart, 25ft Beam extended to 30 ft$3,000 S80987
RakeKuhnGF7802THA6 Rotors 7 Tine Arms Per Rotor, 29ft Operating Width, 10ft Transport Width, 540 PTO$8,900 FE2654
CombineCaseIH7010AFS 600 Monitor, Power Heated Mirrors, 2 Speed Powered Rear Axle, HD Propulsion System, Lateral Tilt with Rock Trap, CVT Feeder Drive, Corn Rotor, Large Wire Front Module$179,9001600S80982
CombineCaseIH2588MFD, Spec Rotor, Duals, Pro 600 Monitor$129,9002483G80972
CombineCaseIH6088MFD, HD Feeder Drive with Rock Trap, Tracker, AFX Rotor, Straw Chopper, Power fold up Topper, 2 spd Hydro, Auto Guide Ready, Rotary Screen Brush, AFS 600 Pro, Luxury CAB with Leather Seat, Oiler Kit, Roller Kit$205,0001000S80963
Field CultivatorSunflower5054-6214 ft Base, Tandems Wings and Base, 5 Bar Spike, Pintle Hitch, Lights, As Is$32,900 812900
Field CultivatorDMITigermate24ft, 5 Bar Spike, 7" Bolt on Sweeps, Combo Clevis and Single Hitch$9,900 S81038
HeadCaseIH26088 Row Chopping Corn Head$52,900 G80973
HeadCaseIH26066RN Chopping Corn Head$43,500 S80991
HeadCaseIH2020Flagship Attach, 3" Knife, Tracker, As Is$14,900 S81032
HeadCaseIH102025ft Flex Head, Poly, Tracker$13,900 S80992
HeadCaseIH102025ft Flex Head$8,900 G80974
HeadCaseIH302025ft Flex Auger Header, 3 Inch Cut, Medium Dividers$23,500 S81014
PlanterKinze360012 Row, 30", Edge Vac with Corn and Soy Plates, Kinze notill with Kinze Dual Floating Residue Wheels with Treaders, KPM III with Radar$75,0004500SE2225
PlanterKinze35008 Row Corn Planter with Interplants, Center raise and pivot transport, Two fertilizer tanks, As Is$39,900 864109
PlanterJohn Deere720012 Row, 30 Inch, Liquid Fertilizer, Squeeze Pump, Double Disc Openers, 6 Tanks, Computrack 300 Monitor, Markers, Vacuum Meters$14,900 S81036
PlanterCaseIH125016 Row, Bulk Seed, Liquid Fertilizer Pump Only, 22 gpm PTO, Spring Down Press, Seed Tubes with Smart Sensors$82,900 W80244
PlanterCaseIH1240PT 12/23, PRO Monitor, Bulk Fill, Liquid Fert, No Till Fert Coulters, No Till Row Unit Coulters, Redball Monitors, Hyd Tel Pole$75,000 S80947