Below is a list of our available Used Equipment at our Stevens Point Location.



You need a sprayer that’s ready when you are to take advantage of the perfect agronomic window to get into the field. You want it to provide consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, and to work smoothly and reliably all season, every season. That’s what today’s Patriot sprayers are designed to do, in an application package that fits your operation perfectly. That’s technology, engineering and expertise combined to keep plants healthy and maximize yield potential.


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Used Equipment at Stevens Point

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursSpec SheetPicture
TractorKubotaM8200DTMFD, Rops, canopy, mechanical shuttle transmission, LA1251 loader with 84" quick attach bucket,$29,900331EG0292
TractorKubotaM126GXDTCMFD, Cab, Loader with 96" Bucket, Semi Powershift, loaded with options, shockless ride$67,900390K80728
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260MFD, Deluxe CAB, 5 Remotes, Hi-Flow, Power Beyond, Creeper, Radar$139,9001250E80729
TractorCaseIHMagnum 26023F transmission, luxury cab, cab suspension, single beacon, buddy seat, positive response seat, ISO implement system, guidance ready, engine/transome htr, true ground speed sensor, Cat III HD drawbar, Cat III HD hitch 43" links, Power beyond$164,9001200E80743
TractorCaseIHMagnum 29023F transmission, luxury cab, cab suspension, single beacon, buddy seat, positive response seat, ISO implement system, guidance ready, engine/transome htr, true ground speed sensor, Cat IV HD drawbar, Cat IV HD hitch 43" links, power beyond, 540/1000 PTO$189,9001200E80745
TractorCaseIHSteiger 500QPTO, 30" Quad Trak, Front and Rear HID Lights, Dual Beacons, Cold Weather Kit, True Ground Speed Sensor, High Cap Drawbar, High Cap Pump, 6 Remotes, Power Beyond, Front Bumper Weight$359,900330812963
TractorCaseIHMagnum 235MFD, Deluxe CAB, 5 Remotes, Hi-Flow, Power Beyond, Creeper, Radar, 380/90R46$129,9001455E80728
TractorCaseIHFarmall 105CMFD, Cab, L630 non self level loader, 12x12 power shuttle, wheel wts, 18.4R34/14.9R24, 540/1000 PTO, air susp seat, deluxe cab$54,900140E80713
TractorCaseIHMagnum 225CVTCVT Transmission, 3pt hitch, 540/1000PTO, high capacity hydraulic pump, power beyond, 4 remotes, deluxe cab with buddy seat, high capacity drawbar, dual beacons, worklights, 18 front weights, 4- 500 lb rear wheel weights$109,9002450E80742
TractorCaseIHMagnum 315Luxury CAB, MFD, DSL, Duals, PTO, 19 Speed Powershift, HD Suspended Front Axle, MFD Front Narrow Fenders, Guidance Ready, Power Beyond Motor Return, 5 Remotes$199,900750S80956
TractorCaseIHMagnum 305Deluxe CAB, Duals, MFD, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, 4 Remotes$139,9002168E80656
TractorCaseIHMagnum 235Deluxe CAB, MFD, Duals, 3pt, Air, DSL, Powersteer, PTO, HD Front Axle, 5 Remotes, Hi-Cap Pump, Block Heater, Creeper$129,9002342E80660
TractorCaseIHMaxxum 140MFD, Cab, 16x16 Semi Powershift Transmission, Deluxe Air Seat, Cold Weather Package, 3 Remotes, Power Beyond, PFC Pump, 540/1000 PTO, Instructors Seat, Front Weight Frame$78,900152013191
TractorCaseIHFarmall 110AMFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 18.4x38$46,900158013083
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260MFD, Luxury CAB, Powershift with Creeper, 5 Remotes, 18 Front Weights, Luxury Positive Response Seat, Booster Seat, GPS Ready$159,9001645E80700
TractorCaseIHSteiger 500MFD, Hammer Strap, Power Steering, 4 remotes, auto guidance ready, 110lbs per hp ballast package, power beyond.$219,9002260E80727
TractorCaseIHFarmall 140AFront Fenders, Outside Mirrors, Rear 3 Point, Radio, Heat, A/C, Block Heater,$54,900563E80753
TractorCase IHFarmall 140AMFD, Cab, 16x78 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 98" Bar Axle, 18.4x38, WT Carrier$58,900164013093
CompactKubotaBX2350MFD, Curtis, Deluxe Cab, Hydro, BX2750C Snowblower, BX2537A Broom, LA243 Loader$17,900101C00831
CompactKubotaL3200HSTAg tires, LA525 loader with quick attach bucket, excellent condition, powertrain warranty until 10/22/15$18,500135EE0987
CompactKubotaL3800HSTMFD, ROPS, Hydrostatic Transmission, 1 Rear Remote, Industrial Tires with Rim Guard, Loader with 66" Bucket, Tractor is like new$19,900175EE0988
CompactCaseIHFarmall 45R4 Tires, Rears Filled with Rim Guard, L350 Loader with Quick Attach Bucket, Grille Guard, Excellent Condition$21,900225E80754
LawnToroZ MasterToro Commercial Z Master Mower, 60" Cutting Deck, 25 hp Kawasaki Engine$3,995 as is912EG0303
LawnSimplicityPrestige2WD, 50" Mower Deck, 42" Two Stage Snowblower, Original Tractor CAB, Rear Suitcase Weights, Tire Chains$3,995860EG0283
LawnKubtoaGR2000RCK48GR Mower Deck$2,995 as is326EG0300
LawnJohn Deere25A82" Flail Mower, Hammers in Decent Condition, Needs Bearings$1,995 EE0990
LawnAriensZoom 2250Briggs and Stratton Motor, 22 Hp Engine 50", Cutting Deck X-Turn Mower$1,495 as is EG0302
OtherJacobsen TextronHR-5111Wide Area Mower, 4WD, Hydro Transmission, 11' Cutting Width, 66" Front Deck, 2-44" Side Mounted Wings, Kubota V2203 Engine, 49hp 4 Cylinder Engine$10900 as is4507EG0301
OtherCaseIHTLX15252" 3pt Tiller$1,950 071731
ExcavatorKubotaU35R1AS2Rops, Wrty, Auxiliary hydraulics, 18" bucket$34,900225K80860
ForkLiftSkytrak8042MFD, Rops, 8000lb, 42ft ext fl, 48" forks, 60" carriage$79,900540903433
ForkliftCase588H2wd, ROPS, 22 ft mast$52,90090114672
Skid SteerGehl5640ET4Cab, Heat, T-Bar Controls, 2 Speed, Power Tach, Susp Seat, Counter Weight, Block Heater, 74" Bucket with Edge.$27,9001695EU0197
Skid SteerCaseSV185Rops, H Pattern, Manual Detach$24,9001061EU0208
Chisel PlowCaseIH87014' 7 Shank, Disc Leveler$34,900 E80755
DiskLandoll7431-2626 FT vertical harrow, conditioner reelCall S43214
DiskCaseIHRM33034ft, round reelCall 012994
Field CultivatorRemlinger3 BarHarrow 18ft$2,495 E42169
HeadCaseIH26066 Row Chopping$52,900 E00613
PlanterJohn Deere1720Hydraulic drives, red ball manifolds, liquid fert single disk opener, 12 row, 30" rows, row markers, and yetter trash wheels (unit is 3 point mounted)$47,900 E80730
PlanterCaseIH124512 row pivot, liquid fert, no til coultersCall E00688
SprayerCaseIHSPX42601200 Gal Stainless Tank, Phoenix Aluminum Telescoping Boom Capable of Spraying Infinitely Variable Widths from 90' to 135', 20" Single Spaced Nozzles, Raven 460 Rate Control, Active Suspension, Hydraulic Leg Widening, 3" Fill, Radar, Eductor, Fenders$99,9002775GE1718