Below is a list of our available Used Tilliage Equipment.


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Used Tillage Equipment

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursStoreSpec SheetPicture
Chisel PlowDMI530As Is$9,900 WauW80303
Chisel PlowWil-RichV9576 Shank HD Deep Ripper with Coil Tine Harrow$29,900 SPE80647
CombineCaseIH71202WD, 330 Sep Hours, 600 Monitor, Chopper, Duals, AFS Rotor$259,900450FDLF82136
CombineCaseIH5130Power Rear Wheels, Feeder with Rock Trap and Lateral Tilt, Large Wire Concaves, Standard Square Stock Grates, Pro 700 Monitor, Chopper$211,900386FDLF82227
CombineCaseIH51302WD, Rock Trap with Lateral Tilt, Large Wire Concaves, 300 Bu Tank, Electric Folding Tank Covers, Pro 700 Monitor, Radio, HID Stadium Lighting, Becons$209,900230FDLF82230
CombineCaseIH6088MFD, HD Feeder Drive with Rock Trap, Tracker, AFX Rotor, Straw Chopper, Power fold up Topper, 2 spd Hydro, Auto Guide Ready, Rotary Screen Brush, AFS 600 Pro, Luxury CAB with Leather Seat, Oiler Kit, Roller Kit$205,0001000SeyS80963
CombineCaseIH5088Air, CAB, DSL, Powersteer, 2WD, Rock Trap, AFX Rotor, 600 Monitor, Chopper, 2 Speed, 162 GPS, 30 Sep Hrs$189,900300GBFE2618
CombineCaseIH7010AFS 600 Monitor, Power Heated Mirrors, 2 Speed Powered Rear Axle, HD Propulsion System, Lateral Tilt with Rock Trap, CVT Feeder Drive, Corn Rotor, Large Wire Front Module$179,9001600SeyS80982
CombineCaseIH16604WD, AC AM/FM Radio, DSL, Powersteer, New Upright Auger ad Unload Auger, Straw Beater, As Is$17,9004964Wau812866
DiskCaseIH330 Turbo25ft Vertical Till$37,900 DaleF82186
DiskCaseIHRM33025' Turbo with Turbo Blades, Hydraulic Fold, Hydraulic Frame Tilt, Rear Mounted Reel Finisher, Scrapers$35,9002000WauFE2571
DiskKrause244030' with Spike Harrow, As Is$9,900 SPE80701
DiskLandoll6230-268 3/4 inch Blade Spacing, 26" Blades, C-Cushion, Adjustable Scrapers, Walking Tandems on Main and Wing, Hydraulic Self Leveling Hitch, Front Mounted Swivel Gauge Wheels, Single Point Depth Control$34,900 Dale812932
DrillFlexi-Coil172030ft Air Seeder with 1720 Air Cart in front with Hydraulic Fan Drive and Ground Driven Meters$53,900 FDLF82224
Field CultivatorCaseIH430027ft, Hitch with Hydraulics, 3 Bar Harrow Tine$9,900 GBG80982
Field CultivatorCaseIH480028ft, CaseIH Vibra-shank, Tandem Axle on main frame and wing frames, 9" sweeps, 5 bar spike tooth harrow$8,900 FDLF82241
Field CultivatorCaseIHTine Harrow25ft Coil Tine Harrow (New) off RM370 Disk$4,500 DaleS00965
Field CultivatorCaseIHSPIKEHRWNew 5 Bar, 77"$295 Dale864122
Field CultivatorCaseIHSPIKEHRWNew 3 Bar, 3 Sections (1) 96" (2) 77"$1000 Dale864123
Field CultivatorDMICrumbler38.5 ft Double Fold Crumbler$6,500 FDLF82269
Field CultivatorDMITigermate II38.5 ft Single Fold, 5 Bar Spike Harrow Mounted on Rear$15,500 FDLF82268
Field CultivatorJ&MTorsion Flex 21228ft Double Soil Conditioner$10,900 GBG80981
Field CultivatorRemlinger3 BarHarrow 18ft$2,495 SPE42169
Field CultivatorSunflower5054-6214 ft Base, Tandems Wings and Base, 5 Bar Spike, Pintle Hitch, Lights, As Is$34,900 Sey812900
HeadCaseIH26066 Row Chopping$52,900 SPE00613
HeadCaseIH26066 Row Chopping$52,900 FDLE00549
HeadCaseIH26066RN Chopping Corn Head$43,500 SeyS80991
HeadCaseIH102020ft, 3" Sickle$3,900 GBGE1648
HeadCaseIH202025ft Flex Head, Auto Header height and header tilt, 3" sickle$19,9001000FDLFE2615
HeadCaseIH2020Flex, 20 ft, Medium Dividers, 3" Sickle, Full Length Retractable Fingers$17,500 GB812863
HeadCaseIH102025ft Flex Head, Poly, Tracker$13,900 SeyS80992
HeadCaseIH202020 ft$12,900 SP812765
HeadCaseIH102025ft, Plastic End Snoot with Extensions, Lights, PTO$12,900 GBG80960
HeadIH81013ft Rigid Auger Head with 3" Cutterbar, Steel Tines on Reel$995 SPE80627
MiscBerlonSCN-8Silage Facer for JCB 536/540$4,995 GBG42536
OtherEZ Flow475Auger Cart, Folding Side Auger, R3 Knobby Tires$6,900 FDLF82220
PlanterCaseIH125016 Row, on Row Hoppers, Liquid Fert, Martin Single Fert Openers, Dual Whippers, Markers, 600 Gal Liquid Tank, PTO Pump, Row Clutches, Pneumatic Down Pressure, Hydraulic Seed Drive$99,900 Dale864113
PlanterCaseIH125016 Row, Bulk Seed, Liquid Fertilizer Pump Only, 22 gpm PTO, Spring Down Press, Seed Tubes with Smart Sensors$82,900 SeyW80244
PlanterCaseIH1240PT 12/23, PRO Monitor, Bulk Fill, Liquid Fert, No Till Fert Coulters, No Till Row Unit Coulters, Redball Monitors, Hyd Tel Pole$75,000 SeyS80947
PlanterCaseIH1200Bulk Fill, Pivot, 16 Row, Row Markers, Row Cleaners, Liquid Fertilizer Pump System, Pro 600 Monitor$44,900 GBW80276
PlanterCaseIH12008 Row, 30" Rigid Frame Planter on Row Hoppers, Dry Fertilizer, Double Disc Coulters, Mechanical Drive, Monitor, Markers$25,900 FDLF82218
PlanterJohn Deere178024 Row, 20", 3 Bushel Seed Hoppers, On Row Seed Hoppers, Vacuum Seed Delivery, Liquid Fertilizer with Red Ball flow indicators and in row fertilizer with Keeton Seed Firmers, 500 Gal Fertilizer Tank, Precision Corn and Bean Meters, Front Fold$41,90013000FDLFE2655
PlanterKinze360012 Row, 30", Edge Vac with Corn and Soy Plates, Kinze notill with Kinze Dual Floating Residue Wheels with Treaders, KPM III with Radar$75,0004500SeySE2225
PlanterKinze35008 Row Corn Planter with Interplants, Center raise and pivot transport, Two fertilizer tanks, As Is$39,900 Sey864109
SprayerBlumhardt1000Pull Type Sprayer with 1000 Gallon Tank, 90ft Boom, Single Axle with Single Tires, Hydraulic Boom Tilt and Lift, Manual Fold, Hydraulic Pump, Raven Controls$6,900 FDLF82254
SprayerNitroAtlas 3004Raven 460 and Evizio Pro, 6 speed Allison Transmission, 2 Speed Axle, 1600 Gal PT & E Tank, Air Valves, SS Inductor, Pressure Washer, Set of Float Tires, 60/90’ Boom$99,9002500GBGE1696
SprayerNitro3200T-SS1000 Gal Poly, Foam Rinse, 90/60 Boom$94,9002821GBGE1699
SprayerRogator1264CCAB, Air, DSL, Falcon Monitor, 4 section 80/60 Boom, Hyd Tred Adjust, 3" Fill, 1200 Gallon Stainless Tank, 30" Fertilizer Outlets, 20" Triplets, Plastic Inductor$94,9002424GBG80948
SprayerSprayer Specialties16001600 Gal, Pull Type, 60ft Boom, Hydraulic Fold and Lift, Lights, Hydro PTO Pump, Fam Markers, 4 Section Elecctric Ball Valves with Electric Shut Off Switches, Hand Wash Tank$9,450 FDLFE2649
SprayerTop AirTA550Pull type 550 gal tank, Hydraulic 45ft cross folding boom, Standard break away booms$21,900 Dale449858