Below is a list of our available Used Equipment at our Wausau Location.



You need a sprayer that’s ready when you are to take advantage of the perfect agronomic window to get into the field. You want it to provide consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, and to work smoothly and reliably all season, every season. That’s what today’s Patriot sprayers are designed to do, in an application package that fits your operation perfectly. That’s technology, engineering and expertise combined to keep plants healthy and maximize yield potential.


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Used Equipment at Wausau

TypeMakeModelFeaturesPriceHoursSpec SheetPicture
TractorCatMT765B3pt, 1000 PTO, 4 remotes, ISO ready, Engine and unit are clean$74,90010000E80733
TractorCaseIHSteiger 3504WD, luxury cab, heat/ac, radio, powershift transmission, 1000 big PTO, Goodyear 520/85R46 all the way around, Standard hyrdaulic pump, drawbar, hydraulic trailer brake, factory guidance ready, monitor bracket, GPS antenna ready, cold weather package,$199,900375W80313
TractorCaseIHFarmall 125AMFD, Cab, 16x8 Power Shuttle, Air Seat, 18.4x38, WT Frame$55,900157013086
TractorCaseIHFarmall 75CCab, air suspension seat, NO CREEPER, 12x12 power shuttle transmission, 30 KPH transmission, 540 PTO, Joystick loader control handle, with Case IH L560 loader with 84" bucket, 4wd, No front fenders, radio, and customer installed buddy seat$42,900308W80308
TractorCaseIHFarmall 95CDeluxe Cab, Radio, Rear Wiper, Air Susp Seat, 12x12 Power Shuttle, 40KPH Transmission, 16.9 GPM Implement Pump, 2 Rear Remotes, Mid Mount Valve & Joystick, 540/1000 PTO, 4WD with Limited Slip, Non-Self Leveling Loader with 84" Bucket, 4 Rear Wheel Weights$54,900140W80315
TractorCaseIHMagnum 260MFD, Luxury CAB, Powershift with Creeper, 5 Remotes, 18 Front Weights, Luxury Positive Response Seat, Booster Seat, GPS Ready$139,9002185E80699
LawnLandprideZXT6060" Zero Turn, Suspended Seat$4,995155850998
OtherLandprideRTA1266Forward Turn Tiller with Slip-Clutch Driveline, Orange Color$2,395 WG0086
ExcavatorKubotaKX0574R3ACab, Air, Rubber Tracks, Angle Blade, 24" Bucket, QC, Thumb, 13,210 lbs$62,900115K80980
ForkliftIH450012ft DSL$9,9002250WU0017
ForkliftCase588HMFD, 22' Mast, Tier 4B$64,900125114747
Skid SteerJCB170Cab with heat, hand and foot controls, high back vinyl seat, parallel lift, worklights, block heater, clean cab, runs great$19900 as is370WU0124
Skid SteerCaseSR250Cab, Air, 2 Speed Mechanical, Susp Seat, HD Hyd Coupler, Block Heater, Performance Package, 12x16.5 Tires, 78" Bucket$42,900225114709
Wheel LoaderJCB427HT2.1 yd Wheel Loader, Heat, Air, Radio, Lights w/ Beacon, Rear Hitch and pin, Cloth Seat, Spacious CAB$119,900285G42982
BalerCaseIHLB334Tandem, Packer Cut, Applicator, Bale ChuteCall W00386
BalerCaseIHLB333Tandem, Roto CutCall W00349
Forage HarvesterSchererHPNever Used$16,500 WE0395
Forage HarvesterClaasJaguar 880MFD, power steering, 492 series feed rolls & LOC gearbox w/ hydraulic reverse and 4 way electric swithc for spout control. Cutting cylinder has been updated to a 20 knife drum. Corn cracker has new, 96 tooth horning rolls and 40% differential, autolube$69,900 asis5560WE0462
Forage HarvesterClaasJaguar 960MFD, V12 VMAX cutting cylinder w/ 24 knives (<50%), standard spout w/ 30" ext. manual adjust accelerator w/ Mad Jag flat paddles, autolube with quick fill fitting, stoprock, 2 groove header drive, Voyager spout camera$259,0002570WE0459
Forage HarvesterClaasJaguar 980MFD, Autolube, 71 Gallon Preservative Tank, 24 Knife Cutting Cylinder, Sherer HP Forage Processor, 2 Spout Extensions, Spout Pilot and Stoprock$269,9002080WE0443
HeadClaasPU380 Pro12.5ft Hay Head with Auger Lift and Coupler Drive$19,000 WE0447
HeadClaasPU380 HD12.5ft hay head with shaft drive, auger lift ready, press rolls look fair. Average condition$11900 as is WE0475
HeadClaasOrbis 75010 Row/ 25ft Rotary Corn Head with Mechanical Contour$80,000 WE0448
HeadClaas6RN6 Row Chain Corn Head$4,900 as is WE0483
HeadClaasOrbis 60020ft rotary corn head will have numerous new parts including cutting knives, scrapers, polys and hardware. Rear feed intake plate has been trimmed. Front feed intake plate has been planed. Cob savers, tubes, down crop augers, skid shoes/bonnet are good$75,000 WE0461
HeadClaasPU380HD12.5 ft hay head features auger lift and a recently rebuilt Hd auger clutch. The press rolls and auger flighting look very good. Pickup cam is tight.$13,900 WE0460
HeadClaasOrbis 75010 Row, 25ft Rotary Corn Head with Mechanical Contour, As Is$55,900 W80282
Chisel PlowDMI530As Is$9,900 W80303
Chisel PlowCaseIH870C7 shank, 14 ft, levelerCall 012989
DiskCaseIHRM33025' Turbo with Turbo Blades, Hydraulic Fold, Hydraulic Frame Tilt, Rear Mounted Reel Finisher, Scrapers$29,9002000FE2571
DiskCaseIHRM33025 ft, round reelCall 071759
Field CultivatorDMITiger Mate30' Field cultivator with 3 bar coil tine harrow, 10' mainframe, 10.5 wings, walking tandem main and wings, ridgid front mount guage wheels$9,900 as is W80314
HeadClaasRU4506 row/15ft rotary corn head features tall crop guides and is in very good condition. Numerous parts were replaced before the 2014 season. Funnels, belly shields, cutting knives, crop channels and field shears look very good.$22900 as is WE0480
PlanterCaseIH124512 row pivot, liquid fert, no til coulters, cable drive metersCall E00689
SprayerHardiNP11001100 gallons, 1000 rpm PTO diaphragm pump, 2" fill port, suspended rear axle, wheel speed pickup, 20" spaced triplets, rinse tank, pump type 463/5.5, HC2500 rate control, 5 section 90' boom. As is$9,900 as is GE1715